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The Captain: Nunzio Romeo

Languages spoken: Italian, English and basic French
Experience: Navigation total made about 25 years, 18 of which are recorded on the seaman's book. Nunzio started his career with Italian companies and spent 7 years on 25m Motor yacht Ferretti. Following this he was aboard Lady Trudy Ferretti 27.30 mt. He spent the next six years sailing through the Mediterranean as captain of Lady Trudy II (Custom Line 34mt.) And Lady Trudy III (CRN 43mt.) In 2012 he met the owner of Esmeralda and then started a new adventure! A skilled mechanic and technician, Nuncio knows the Mediterranean to the bottom and can offer great advice to you to enjoy the best routes and places. He knows how to be discreet while being fully attentive to the wishes and needs of passengers.

The Chef: Enrica

Languages spoken: Italian, English and basic French
Experience: Enrica was born in Italy (Sabaudia - Latina). Until the age of 28, she worked in restaurants as a cook assistant. Attracted to the sea, she decided to go and work on a boat, and had a few years experience on super yachts as a hostess and a cook assistant. In 2003 she met Nunzio for the first time and has worked with him as a cook ever since, first on a 25 m motor yacht for 3 years. She also learned working on deck and is now a good sailor. In 2006 she embarked as a cook on Lady Trudy I (Ferretti 27.50m), in 2008 on 34m Custom Line Lady Trudy II and in 2011 on 43m CRN Lady Trudy III as a cook and chief hostess. During that period she also attended two of the famous Italian "Boscolo Etoile" courses for professional chefs in Chioggia (Venice).
Loving both sailing and life on board, she is a nice, efficient and friendly person who knows her job well. Working hard is not a problem, as long as it's on a boat: she refused many job offers onshore, and is now waiting to start this new adventure on Esmeralda of London.
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