5 Reasons Why Croatia Should Be Your Next Yachting Getaway Stop

Known as the land of a thousand islands, with some 1,200 of them scattered across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia lures travelers to her stunning shores with striking craggy bluffs, pristine bright turquoise waters, hidden coves, and spectacular beaches.   Hopping from island to island aboard a luxury charter yacht is the best way to see this dream destination soaking in the natural beauty of the landscapes as you cruise along the magnificent coastline exploring charming picturesque clay-roofed old towns, observing grand Greek, Roman, Venetian, and Slavic architectural landmarks, and sampling the superb delectable Dalmation cuisine along the way.  An idyllic summer yachting destination, Croatia should be top on your list if you are planning your next  getaway, – here are just a few attractions that make it so appealing.

1) The Walls of Dubrovnik

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is one of the most scenic destinations in the Mediterranean.  Steeped in history, the ancient walled city was centered on maritime trade since the Middle Ages achieving developmental glory during the 15th and 16th centuries.  Amazing to behold, magnificent feats of architecture that have withstood the test of time include spectacular churches, monasteries, museums, fountains and the famous walls that surround the old city.

2) The White Truffle of Istria

The white Istrian truffle known as Tuber Magnatum Pico is one of the most revered and priciest truffle species in the world, going for about $55 an ounce.  Ranked as one of Croatia’s finest gourmet delicacies, this fascinating fungus grows from September till January and is best sampled freshly shaved over traditional Istrian pasta fuži, in a delicate seafood dish, or grated atop a filet of beef.  Do not head home before trying it!


3) Stiniva Beach in Vis

A balmy oasis of beautiful landscapes, with lush sprawling vineyards and orchards, green rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, and sparkling blue bays, Vis is picture perfect. On the south coast, sheltered between two towering limestone boulders is the secluded golden pebbly beach of Stiniva Cove.  With shallow calm waters, it is a blissful spot for taking a cool dip in the Adriatic.

4) Pula Arena

An attraction not to be missed by history buffs, is the Built in 27 B.C., the magnificent Pula Arena is the single Roman amphitheater in existence to have 4 side towers preserved.  This amazing well-preserved monument which originally could seat over 26,000 spectators is still used today to host a variety of festivals and performances during the summer months.

5) The Odysseus Cave 

The enchanted island of Mljet, is a haven for snorkelers and divers with tranquil deep blue waters abundant with vibrant coral reefs, colorful schools of fish, and beautiful underwater caves.  For a unique experience, explore the underwater paradise of Odysseus Cave which legend states served as a shelter for Odysseus after surviving a shipwreck and soon after held hostage by the nymph Calypso for seven years.

Chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia is an unforgettable experience.  Let Sunreef Yachts Charter be your guide and assist you in planning your dream yachting getaway.  For the largest selection of five star charter yachts available across the globe, contact us at charter@sunreef-charter.com.


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