5 Unique and Riveting Excursions to Seek Out on Your Next Caribbean Yachting Getaway

While many visitors are lured to the Caribbean by its warm tropical weather and breathtaking palm-studded sandy shores, yacht charter guests can satisfy their tastes for the extraordinary by embarking on a few unusual excursions such as swimming with pigs, visiting an underwater museum, or riding on an ostrich.  Check out these five unique activities that you may want to try out on your next Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Ostrich Riding in Curacao

If you are chartering a yacht in Curacao, a safari-style tour at the Curacao Ostrich Farm will treat you to a fun up-close and ng personal experience with the world’s largest bird.  While there, learn interesting facts like how fast an ostrich can run, how far they can see, how much weight an ostrich egg can can withstand.  Adventurous guests can even venture to hop on and ride one.

Visiting the Only Drive-In Volcano in the World in St. Lucia

The Soufriere Volcano in Saint Lucia, known locally as the Sulphur Springs, is referred to as the world’s only drive-in volcano.  A major attraction, charter guests can drive up to the dormant volcano and visit springs, which still bubble and steam with sulfur and boiling mud, following it up by a quick soak to take advantage of the healing qualities of the volcanic minerals.

Swimming with Pigs at Big Major Spot in the Exumas

No yacht charter in the Exumas is complete without a visit to Pig beach on the tiny island of Big Major. These endearing animals are not timid and will likely swim right up to your tender for a treat.  Guests can also feel welcome to jump right in the water for a refreshing swim with these famous swines.

Diving to See Works of Art at an Underwater Museum in Isla Mujeres

If you are planning a yachting getaway in the Riviera Maya, do not miss the opportunity to explore the fascinating sub-aquatic art gallery MUSA (the Museo Subacuatico de Arte).  This world-famous underwater art attraction features 400 life-size statues covered in coral and surrounded by colorful marine life.

Hiking Up to the Boiling Lake in Dominica

Dominica’s Boiling Lake at Morne Trois Pitons National Park, spanning an impressive 200 feet across (the second largest in the world) is an astounding sight to see as is the visually stunning hike through the Valley of Desolation to reach it.  The 6 hour trek to see the lake covers a lot of rough terrain but is well worth the challenge.

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