ABUELO: Captain Arnaud de Battisti and His Crew!

Luxury charter catamaran ABUELO is cruising the Caribbean charter region this winter and visiting such exotic and sun-kissed locales as St. Lucia, St. Martin, the Bahamas, BVI and USVI. With a recent crew change, Captain Arnaud de Battisti is proud to present Chef Morgan Dalido and Hostess Géraldine Galas. This friendly and attentive trio are sure to turn any charter retreat aboard ABUELO into sheer pleasure!

Whether it is to chat about the next port of call, accommodate to any special dietary requirements or take out the magnificent water toys aboard the catamaran such as the Magic Swim inflatable pool, ABUELO’s crew will be on hand to assure a remarkable charter experience.

Please contact us to know more about the yacht .

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