AMARULA SUN – everyone knows a yacht’s crew can make or break a charter

Luxury Charter Mega Yacht M/Y AMARULA SUN

Recently I had the great pleasure to visit a very special luxury charter motor yacht, AMARULA SUN.  As a frequent visitor to many yachts, over the years, not all that many luxury charter yachts make a lasting impression but there is something special about AMARULA SUN.  Not only is she esthetically pleasing to the eye; she’s got a beautiful soul largely due to her amazing crew.  I don’t recall the last time I boarded a yacht where the crew could flawlessly execute the smallest details.  Before you know what you need, it’s done, like magic!

Luxury yacht AMARULA SUN’s main salon is bathed in soft inviting tones of cream and warm beige accented by soothing blues inviting you to lounge on a comfortable sofa with a AMARULA SUN cocktail.  AMARULA SUN is appropriately named after South African creamy liquor.  You’ll relax to the soothing sounds on a grand piano located, near the sofa  while enjoying the tasteful original artwork placed throughout or you may choose to enjoy a game at the game table or watch a 50 inch HD TV. Technology is ever present, throughout the entire vessel, with a full complement of the latest electronics.

From AMARULA SUN’s main salon, you can slip away to a luxuriously appointed full beam Owner’s Suite with en-suite bath and a breathtaking double vanity carved of Honey Onyx with china sinks and inlaid marble flooring accented with a full glass shower enclosure.

AMARULA SUN’s galley rivals any kitchen found in a fine land based home.  Here is where Chef Ben Davidson preforms some impressive culinary magic. Chef Ben is no ordinary chef.  He’s just simply amazing and full of delicious and nutritious surprises.  The cuisine he creates could quite possibly make you forget all the other inviting features available on AMARILA SUN. Chef Ben can transition your palate to gastronomical heaven!  It’s no wonder AMARULA SUN’s crew is so happy!

Upper Deck features a stunning Honey Onyx and mahogany bar featuring a handmade gold sink.  The bars is stocked with wines from the finest vineyards or enjoy another refreshing AMARULA SUN cocktail, perfectly chilled and presented with perfection by Jackie or Emmerson.  These ladies are mind readers, engaging conversationalists and just downright perfect. In fact, the entire crew on AMARULA SUN is stellar.  Being amongst them is like being with a warm caring family.

On the Sun Deck you’ll sunbathe on large and comfortable sunbeds or relax in the massive hot tub. Or you can choose to feel the warm breeze while enjoying Chef Ben’s artistry for lunch. If you want to play, a waterslide is available while at anchor. In addition to the slide, there’s a garage full of fun water toys.

Back inside AMARULA SUN, you can stake out a seat at a comfy conversation area, in the wheelhouse, and strike up a conversation with Captain Michael Williamson or you sit and relax with the latest novel from the ample reading selections from AMARULA SUN’s library, located just behind the fireplace, on Main Deck. Or you can perch at a mahogany desk and access your office. However, you won’t stay long because AMARULA SUN is set up for a well-deserved vacation!

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