An Encounter of Endless Enchantment in the Islands of the Seychelles

A sun-kissed paradise comprised of over 100 enticing islands, the spellbinding Seychelles are a picture-perfect yacht charter destination for those dreaming of the ultimate island-hopping getaway.  A beguiling Garden of Eden each island entices with dramatic backdrops, sapphire seas, and coconut-palm fringed beaches that beckon pure escapism. From the principal islands of vibrant Mahé, pristine Praslin, and laid-back La Digue to the low-lying coralline Outer Islands where diving is superb, the sublime raw beauty encountered during a yachting holiday in the Seychelles is intoxicating.


An idyllic blend of captivating natural beauty and cosmopolitan energy, Mahé is must-visit stop on any Seychelles yacht charter.  It is most famous for its postcard-perfect beaches, of which it has 68, but don’t miss out immersing yourself in the vibrant capital of Seychelles, Victoria which offers up plenty of attractions such as museums, botanical gardens, and a bustling market to visit.


Reputed to be home of the original “Garden of Eden”, Praslin the second-largest island in the Seychelles is utterly captivating. Visitors will be enchanted with its tranquil silver sand shores, picturesque nature trails flooded with rare flora and fauna, and the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Vallée de Mai forest and its famous Coco de Mer palms.

La Digue

La Digue is the go-to getaway destination for seclusion, tranquility, and bewitching surroundings.  One of Seychelle’s most beautiful and untouched islands visitors are greeted with an ethereal paradise of dazzling emerald waters and seductive sugar-white coasts where time moves at a slower pace.


Originally named Île Rouge because its red colored soil, the nearly 2-square-mile island of Curieuse boasts of diverse ecosystems that range from Coco de Mer forests and turtle breeding grounds to Mangrove swamps.  The main attraction here are the giant Aldabra tortoises which can weigh up to 600 pounds and are truly a sight that astounds.

A yacht charter destination bestowed with legendary beauty, the Seychelles are paradise on earth where countless enchanting experiences await!  For assistance organizing a luxurious getaway in the Seychelles aboard a stunning charter mega yacht, charter catamaran, charter sailing yacht, or charter power boat, contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at

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