Behold the Beauty that is Mustique – An Excusive Private Island Sanctuary

The small privately owned island of Mustique offers the perfect luxury charter experience. A part of Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, it covers only 2.2 square miles and features a tiny population of 500 inhabiting the island’s three villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay and Dover. Mustique is owned by the Mustique Company which itself is owned by the island’s landlords, and features approximately 100 private villas. The Mustique Company rents out a number of these and the island is also home to its only hotel, The Cotton House. Let your elegant mega yacht, high-performance power catamaran or charter sailing catamaran take you to Mustique to experience the ultimate in luxury yachting on a private island getaway.

Mustique’s History

Mustique has a rather fascinating yet short history. Although the Grenadines were first discovered by the Spanish sailors in the 15th century and later used by Europeans to grow sugar cane, many plantations, as was the case with Mustique, were left abandoned for centuries later until the European-grown sugar beet came into the picture. Mustique grew in prominence in the late 1950’s when Lord Glenconner arrived on the undeveloped island and decided to purchase it. With no roads, running waters or jetties, his initial ambition was to set up a cotton plantation but he soon had to look for other ways to develop the land. A couple of years later Princess Margaret received a plot on Mustique as a wedding gift from the Lord and the island soon began garnering media attention and has over the years attracted celebrities and even royalty to spend their vacation on Mustique.

Island Lifestyle

Mustique offers seclusion and privacy at their finest while the villas and The Cotton House have a unique ambiance of an elegant yet casual home away from home. Visiting just for the day, charter guests will experience snorkeling or scuba diving in crystalline waters or swimming with the turtles at the Tobago Cays. Mustique is a great destination for families and groups of friends alike who come to this slice of paradise to celebrate life and take full advantage of marvelous surroundings.

Attractions on Mustique

Although Mustique is a tiny island, it boasts of a large list of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether guests seek outdoor adventures or simply wish to relax on the beach, Mustique definitely has it all. Scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding or tennis are just some of the pastimes offered on the island. Extreme sports include kite-surfing as well as deep-sea diving and fishing and guests are always welcome to take out the water toys available onboard their luxury charter vessel. Beautiful and blissful, the perfectly sandy beaches on Mustique bordered with delightfully turquoise waters and swaying coconut palm trees are equally inviting for lounging around in the sun as they are for private picnics and barbecues while a visit to The Cotton House Spa will leave guests feeling rejuvenated.

Take your luxury charter mega yacht, luxury catamaran, charter power yacht or elegant sailing yacht to Mustique and be instantly enchanted by this charming Caribbean paradise.  For assistance planning the perfect yachting holiday in Mustique, please contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at

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