Call of the Wild – Discovering Untamed Beauty on a Luxury Charter Vacation in Madagascar

A rare gem glistening in the Indian Ocean just off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is a dazzling yacht charter destination blessed with a spectacular coastline, tantalizing turquoise waters, and colorful reef systems teeming with marine life. The fourth largest island in the world, this oasis of exotic beauty also entices with its vast array of remarkable flora and fauna and diverse landscapes which range from tropical beaches and coastal rainforests to deserts and savannas.

Perfect for the most adventurous of world travelers and savviest of nature enthusiasts, Madagascar offers the extraordinary opportunity to see the planet’s most beautiful creatures in their natural habitats.  Perhaps the biggest draw are the lemurs of which there are over 70 varieties including the red-bellied, the ring-tailed, the crowned, and the black and white ruffed.

Most of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, with approximately seventy-five percent of its species being unique to the island archipelago. Home to about half the world’s species of chameleons, it is a treat to  set your eyes upon this intriguing type of reptile which characteristically changes colors in response to its mood and temperature.

On a Madagascar yachting holiday, there will be many opportunities for spotting humpback whales and dolphins while those that want to dive in and discover the fascinating world under the sea can have their pick from winding through the caves of the famous Cathedral to exploring any number of shipwrecks.

While Madagascar boasts of a slew of scenic sights, one of the most beautiful is Lake Tsimanampetsotsa.   In addition to the fascinating pink flamingos visitors will find here, the wetlands surrounding this sparkling saline lake also support a large variety of endemic flora and fauna including 2,000-year-old quat baobab trees, the radiated tortoise, and the Grandidier’s mongoose.

Luxury travelers looking to explore the magnificent sites of Madagascar can embark on the yachting holiday of a lifetime this winter aboard mega yacht SHERAKHAN.   Truly exceptional in every way, this superb charter yacht features high end finishes and designer touches throughout, spacious accommodations that are lavishly-appointed for up to 26 guests, and the finest of amenities.   SHERAKHAN will be available for yacht charters in Madagascar from March  through April of 2015.  For more information about chartering a yacht in Madagascar, please contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at

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