Luxury Charter Vacation in the Bountiful Tonga Islands

French Polynesia has only lately been emerging as the southern hemisphere’s premium luxury charter destination offering the most plush surroundings and favorable sailing conditions for your yacht enabling you to spend the time of your life aboard while soaking in these islands’ splendor. One of the best kept secrets of this part of the world rest without a doubt the islands of Tonga, a terrestrial paradise lying north of New Zealand. The sun-drenched Tonga Islands are an utter haven lined with powdery white beaches bordering magnificent deep azure lagoons perfect for mooring your luxury charter yacht. This culturally rich island country enchants with rustic beauty and lures all water sports amateurs for a once in a lifetime adventure under the sun!

Tonga is a wonderful collection of 176 scattered islands with over 30 pristine uninhabited islands. There is absolutely no better way to discover these anchorages than on a luxury charter yacht. Hop aboard with Sunreef Yachts Charter and let the magnificence of the plentiful islands sweep you off your feet!

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