Delight in the flavours of the Med on SKYLARK

Amalfi’s gelato-tinted buildings cascading down the seaside cliff into the sea is the view from my “office” (SKYLARK’s galley). On the counter is a mound of aromatic local lemons, waiting to be transformed into homemade limoncello and a classic tarte au citron. The aromas of saffron, white wine and bay leaf from the fish stock simmering on the stove fill the air as I finish filleting and cleaning a fish. Dinner tonight starts with a crudo of coquilles St-Jacques drizzled with fennel-infused oil and dotted with a fine dice of housepickled citrons, continues with roulades of monkfish rolled in pancetta and accompanied by a confit of cherry tomatoes with a saffron foam, and finishes with a classic tarte au citron with lavender ice cream for dessert; to follow, we will offer chilled limoncello. Continue reading

4 Days into the Antigua Charter Boat Show!

Beautiful weather, astounding views and an incomparable display of luxury charter yachts are the key players in the annual Antigua Charter Boat Show. Sunreef Yachts Charter brokers are kept busy during the show attending scheduled appointments with clients and fellow brokers and inspecting charter yachts to make sure of their tip-top condition and highest level of onboard service.

Since the show’s opening this past Sunday, our brokers had the pleasure to participate in lunches prepared onboard Sunreef 70 Power SKYLARKand Sunreef 102 Sailing IPHARRA.

Check out the photos below to see what Chef Caro Uy of SKYLARK and Chef Duncan Taylor of IPHARRA created.

Finesse and Grandeur Served Up by Chef Caro Uy Aboard Charter Yacht SKYLARK

Lobster Trio

Lobster Trio

Luxury charter catamaran SKYLARK promises a regal vacation in the most coveted charter destinations throughout the world and befitting a world-class yacht, the crew aboard SKYLARK pampers guests every step of the way during their cruise.

Guests will indulge in delicacies prepared for them by the award-winning Chef Caro Uy whose cuisine is a unique blend of classical French technique and exotic flavors from her travels to all corners of the world. Originally qualified as a graphic designer, it is now through her culinary creations that Caro reflects her unsurpassed creativity.

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