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Chartering a luxury yacht leaves guests with a wonderful opportunity of visiting awe-inspiring worldwide destinations and combining the thrill of aquatic adventures with sightseeing on land. What better way to experience the open seas than cruising smoothly through soothing transparent waters, whether you choose to visit opulent coastlines in Europe, safe anchorages of the Caribbean and the Bahamas or azure lagoons of the South Pacific. Imagine spending your morning snorkeling or diving in the caressing waters and discovering lush marine life, your afternoon beachcombing and sunbathing on golden or white powdery sands and your evening dining aboard your luxury yacht while listening in to tranquil breezes and admiring verdant beachfront flora.

Visit some of the world’s most spectacular and breathtaking beaches that will tingle the five senses and leave you stupefied by their splendor, crystal waters, fine sands and plush entourage. Getaway with Sunreef Yachts Charter and let your luxury charter yacht guide you to the most remarkable beaches in the world. Bon Voyage!

Anguilla, Caribbean

The island of Anguilla sports some of the most pristine sandy beaches in the world luring for utter relaxation and lounging in the warm Caribbean sunrays. This relatively immaculate island boasts 33 sumptuous and fashionable wide beaches surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, beckoning translucent waters and impressive lush palm trees. Anguilla is an imperative port of call for beach amateurs as well as gourmands who will be treated to fresh seafood and fragrant spices prepared by your Chef or served in one of the local restaurants.

Aruba, Caribbean

Being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba is a southern Caribbean island sporting a 68,5 km long plush coastline of succulent white sandy beaches and azure waters. The island is a true paradise for all water sports enthusiasts offering ideal conditions for swimming, wreck diving and surfing while Aruba’s inland can be easily explored by bike. Guests will thrill at the sumptuousness of many beaches rimming the coast such as Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.

Bali Island, Indonesia

Set sails to Indonesia and visit the country’s most coveted sun-kissed destination, the island of Bali, sporting some of the most exquisite beaches. Bali will welcome you with a harmonious blend of opulence, robust beauty, mystery, cultural richness, vibrant colors, fragrances and sounds stimulating the senses. This exotic picture-perfect location features not only calming translucent waters, fine sands and lush flora but also a breathtaking landscape of imposing volcanoes and expansive rice fields. Bali is a chic and mysterious destination that will unveil her secrets to you during your luxury charter vacation.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Saying that this haven is simply magical is still an understatement. Bora Bora is an intimate island in French Polynesia that is not only secluded but also wonderfully preserved. Her emerald glistening waters, stretching pristine beaches and multiple coves offering harbor for your luxury charter yacht make this island a blissful and blessed destination where all of your dreams will become reality. Of a miraculous beauty, Bora Bora is a romantic island enchanting visitors and taking their breath away again and again.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This vibrant Mexican resort is a must-visit port of call of the Baja Peninsula. With ideal weather conditions and impeccable beaches for water sports, your luxury charter vacation in Cabo San Lucas will be an exciting adventure. Step off board and unwind on one of the premium beaches with a freshly prepared cocktail in your hand, sunbathe in the warm sun rays, snorkel in deep crystal waters and admire rich marine life. Your evenings in Cabo will be filled with never ending fiestas, dancing and singing as well as succulent Mexican cuisine for all seafaring gourmands.

Capri, Italy

Italy has long been known as a premium charter destination and Capri is most definitely a captivating and charming island luring jetsetters from around the world. Sporting steep limestone bluffs plunging into deep turquoise seas as well as exquisite beaches, the ancient island exudes a romantic ambiance and seduces luxury lovers for elegant vacations in a plush entourage. Dramatic landscapes on Capri are an irreproachable backdrop for extravagant and chic charter yachts.

Cook Islands, South Pacific

Pure perfection. Cook Islands offer nothing less than this as guests in this slice of paradise marvel at sparkling sky blue lagoons, stretching glistening white sands, lush verdant palm trees offering protection from the sun and cool breezes caressing the skin. Aroa Beach is among the most immaculate beaches on the planet stunning tourists with a unique entourage that you will be able to discover while snorkeling, diving or fishing in lustrous waters.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean

The Caribbean is a perfect destination for a winter getaway and there is no better way of recharging your batteries than beachcombing on a picturesque beach with warm splashes gently caressing your feet. The coastline of the Dominican Republic has it all for a blissful charter with tropical rainforests and lush verdant peaks, golf courses, a rich and fragrant cuisine and of course, golden sandy beaches. This luxurious destination sports relaxation and adventure for everyone to enjoy and a bustling nightlife saturated with melodic animated Salsa rhythms and street dancing.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Brazil boasts some of the most splendid vistas in the world and there is no better way to discover the country’s immense beaches than on a luxury charter yacht. This Atlantic archipelago lures charter guests with delicate and elegant azure bays, wide golden beaches, impressive verdant flora, imposing rock formations and a vibrant and well preserved tropical marine fauna. With deep clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving as well as picturesque hiking trails offering splendid vistas, this land is home to 16 powdery white beaches and a multitude of harbors to dock your charter yacht. Marvel at dolphins, sharks, colorful fish, sea turtles sponges and algae and take home wonderful lifelong memories.

Fiji Islands, Pacific Ocean

This Pacific destination is definitely one to be found on the list of top places to visit in your life. It is a scenic archipelago that has everything you need for a blissful luxury charter vacation sporting picture-perfect beaches, calm azure bays and quaint islets lined with plush verdant palm trees and other flora. Explore the island’s marvelous coastline from the water while snorkeling, diving, fishing or simply admiring it from aboard your luxury charter catamaran. With numerous festivals and events taking place in this terrestrial paradise, each guest is sure to live an exhilarating and stimulating adventure.

Fraser Island, Australia

Lucky are those who have a chance to visit this blessed location at least once in their lifetime. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island with an area of 1840 km2 and lush vegetation of rainforests, verdant eucalyptus and mangrove forests as well as impressive powdery dunes. It is an utter nature preserve sporting not only a rich flora but also splendid freshwater lakes and immaculate springs. Fraser Island is a well preserved nature reserve and because motor boats and jet skis are forbidden on the lakes, this paradise rests untouched by man.

Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

Nothing is impossible in Hawaii, a dreamy sun-kissed location of crystal waters and endless sunshine. A surfers’ and windsurfers’ utopia, the Hawaii Islands are an exotic retreat for everyone wishing to spend their ideal holiday in delightful surroundings. These culturally rich volcanic islands and islets promise wonderful entertainment and superb beaches with golden sands dotted with hues of red, black and even green. The fun starts when the sun sets, leaving the island drenched in shades of oranges, pinks, yellows and reds, with lively singing and dancing until the morning.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

Terrestrial paradise it is with luscious powdery sands, turquoise lagoons, vibrant coral reefs, colorful tropical fish and breathtaking sunsets painting the skies a different hue each day. The Maldives are an immaculate destination, nothing short of a serene place on Earth with a pervading tranquilizing atmosphere. Absorb warm sun rays, bathe in soothing waters or opt for a thrilling water adventure thanks to a wide selection of water toys available onboard. These alluring floating lands offer much more than the eyes can see!

St. Barts, Caribbean

This much enviable island only stretches over a length of 13 km and is home to 20 secluded beaches leaving visitors to this terrestrial paradise in constant awe of beckoning crystalline waters, warm powdery sands and lush vibrant vegetation. St. Barts sports numerous elegant marinas for docking your luxury charter yacht and is a popular hangout for jetsetters from all over the world. Relax, visit designer boutiques, marvel at overwhelming landscapes but most of all, unwind on some of the world’s supreme beaches that will keep you coming back for more during your next charter.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean

A true gem floating on the Caribbean Sea, the island of Saint Lucia is lined with premium beaches and sports a beautiful plush landscape and favorable climate, especially for luxury charters. This verdant haven contrasts majestic turquoise waters and powdery sandy beaches where you will be able to lounge in the sun with a cocktail in your hand or savor a delicious lunch freshly prepared by your Chef. Saint Lucia is a quaint volcanic island blending African, French and English influences leaving it a cultural melting pot always surprising visitors with something new to discover.

Seychelles, Indian Ocean

The archipelago is formed of 115 blissful islands, probably the most beautiful on the Indian Ocean. Paradise stretches as far as the eye can see and with immaculate turquoise waters, azure skies, lush verdant palm trees and secluded powdery beaches, it is no surprise that this destination is an imperative port of call for guests looking for aquatic adventures and relaxation in a pristine tropical entourage. Of an incredible biodiversity, this land is where guests will encounter the giant tortoise, seabirds, the Coco de Mer being a species of palm trees endemic to the island of Praslin and Curieuse as well as plush dense forests. Snorkeling, diving, fishing and other water adventures will leave you stupefied by the splendor of Seychelles and moments spent beachcombing and sunbathing will be ones to cherish forever.

Zakynthos, Greece

The Greek Islands are awaiting your discovery during your luxury charter vacation and Zakynthos offers only a glimpse of what you will encounter in Greece aboard your charter yacht. This Ionian island sports one of the most marvelous beaches on the Ionian Sea, Navagio. The isolated sandy beach is a slice of heaven that you will only be able to access by boat. Although minuscule, this quaint stretch of land is nestled in a crystal blue cay and towered over an impressive cliff and is most notable for being home to the wreck of an alleged smuggler ship.

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

The “Golden Horn” is 580 m long and is without a doubt Croatia’s most spectacular beach located on the island of Brac. This pristine stretch of sand emerges into the sea in the form of a small peninsula and enchants with clear turquoise waters and crisp breezes. The beautiful landscape lined with lush evergreen forests is an ideal option for all waters sports enthusiasts wishing to experience the thrill of splashing waves. Lounge on the beach in the sun or visit one of the quaint cafes and restaurants on the island for an authentic Croatian afternoon.

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