Discover the Ever Tempting Greece During Your Luxury Charter Getaway

Greece has long been known as an opulent and enchanting land luring visitors with omnipresent rich heritage, majestic antique monuments, a favorable Mediterranean climate, dramatic and steep bluffs, a multitude of quaint islands, stretching vineyards and citrus fields, exquisite local cuisine and glimmering waters. The Greek Islands will be the perfect backdrop for the luxury charter vacation of your dreams as you soak in the atmosphere of Greece’s ancient splendor shadowed in the country’s rich culture. Your luxury charter yacht will take you on an unforgettable adventure entwined with delicious flavors and fragrances stimulating the five senses. Hop onboard with Sunreef Yachts Charter!

Let Crete bedazzle you

Crete is the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean and the country’s number one island by area boasting a wonderful beach-rimmed coastline. While the western part of the island is lined with plush verdant Mediterranean flora, Crete’s eastern coast is more dry and sporting impressive palm groves. Inland is hikers’ paradise with trails leading to imposing rocky peaks reaching to the azure skies and stretching above traditional villages surrounded by extravagant flora.

For guests wishing to spend time ashore while exploring ancient sites, Crete has it all. Heraklion is a modern port city of the island’s north central part that is home to the ancient majestic palace of Knossos dating back nearly 4000 years. With many artifacts on site and breathtaking vistas as far as the eyes can see, Knossos will have everyone under its spell. The city of Heraklion is irreproachable for both day trips and longer stays with a quaint old harbor, picturesque panoramas, fragrant markets with fresh local produce and numerous museums such as the Herkalion Archeological Museum, the Historical Museum of Crete or the Natural History Museum.

Outstanding panoramas in Santorini

Santorini is a jewel among the Greek islands and therefore a must-visit port of call during your luxury charter vacation. The island boasts traditional white villages nestled on dramatic cliffs plunging sharply into the sparkling azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Guests will feel the magic of the island as they sit back and relax in one of the typical cafes while absorbing the island’s spectacular panoramas.

Santorini boasts numerous quaint villages such as Fira sitting atop a picturesque cliff that plunges into the sea while the traditional colorful Greek houses create enchanting picture-perfect views that are often eternized on postcards sent from the Hellenic land. Another charming white village is Oia paved with elegant boutiques, restaurants, cafes and galleries and famous for it’s awe-inspiring sunset. Your luxury charter catamaran will be the perfect platform for admiring the setting sun leaving the island bathed in warm hues of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows.

Fabulous Retreat on Rhodes

Situated on the southeast Aegean coast just a few kilometers away from Greece’s maritime border with Turkey, the architecture on Rhodes was in the past influenced by both these neighbors and Crusaders leaving the island with magnificent edifices such as the medieval Old Hospital of the Knights in the town Rodos. Visitors to Rhodes will be left in awe of picturesque villages quaintly nestled in calm coves and tranquil bays. Lindos is one of these picturesque towns overlooking the sea with an ancient acropolis and immaculate architecture, no hotel was allowed to be built in the town itself. Charter guests will marvel at the white powdery beach in Lindos with transparent waters for a refreshing morning or afternoon bath or at the many typical waterfront tavernas for sampling succulent meals or sipping on a freshly prepared drink.

Pristine Tilos

The island of Tilos is a fascinating port of call during your luxury charter vacation for all nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Tilos is an immaculate island with a small population of a little under 600 islanders and an area of about 60 km2 and although its coasts are generally steep and rocky, there are also many splendid sandy beaches to discover. Tilos is not one of the bustling Greek islands and even though the quaint villages rimming the coast are not as animated, the island is irreproachable for a relaxing day of sunbathing, beachcombing, fishing, snorkeling or diving.

The island’s landscape is spectacular with rocky slopes bordering the island that protects fertile plains on Tilos’ interior. Mandatory sites to visit during your stay on Tilos include the 19th century capital built over the ancient city of Telos, Megalo Chorio, or the island’s old capital overlooking the bay, Mikro Chorio which was first settled in the 15th century by the Knights of the Order of Saint John.

Sun-kissed beaches on Paros

Paros offers the best of the Cycladic Islands that is located only 8 km west of the bustling island of Naxos and sports and numerous uninhabited offshore islets to explore during your stay. With plush Aegean flora, clear azure skies, tranquil turquoise waters, countless golden beaches dotting the coast as well as traditional Greek architecture, Paros has it all for an relaxing afternoon on the beach or a day of sightseeing.

Paroikia is the island’s capital which sports an extensive waterfront promenade rimmed with authentic quaint restaurants and tavernas. Stroll peacefully through cobblestone passages and under archways covered with lush bougainvilleas and visit the historic old town paved with a maze of winding alleys and quaint boutiques. Minutes away from the capital is the charming port town of Nauossa lined with tavernas, cafes and shops while exquisite beaches lure for some sweet basking in the sun.

Paros is also well-known for its white and translucent marble which was once the principal source of wealth for the islanders. Make sure to spare some time to visit the famous marble quarries while on Paros!

Bustling Mykonos, the hangout spot of jetsetters!

The island of Mykonos has been well-known in Europe for its active beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Step off board of your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter power boat in the town of Mykonos, also known as Chora (“town in Greek”) for a busy day of water sports activities, sunbathing on one of the powdery perfect beaches or visiting the town. Guests on the island will be able to moor their vessel in the old port of Chora from where they will reach Mikri Venetia (Little Venice) with buildings constructed on the edge of the sea with balconies overlooking the water. Chora is also home to the Church of Panagia Panaportiani consisting of five churches attached together, whose construction, although dating back to the 15th century, was not completed until two centuries later.

Your evenings in Mykonos will be filled with plenty of onshore entertainment thanks to bustling tavernas, lively restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Dance the night away in the hottest clubs on the island and meet island-hoppers from all around the world or opt for a traditional Greek evening will with delicious food and fabulous music in one the many spots lining the town.

Deserted island getaway on Farmakonisi

Farmakonisi is a nearly deserted island inhabited only by 74 locals and although her area is small, it is famous for its rich and dense verdant flora, steep bluffs plunging into the ocean and vast plains stretching as far as the eye can see. The island is impeccable for all water adventure seekers who will be enchanted not only by Farmakonosisi’s marine life but also by the island’s robust beauty to be admired from the water.

Farmakonisi was an important episode in young Julius Cesar’s life when he was kidnapped by pirates while traveling to Asia Minor and held hostage on the island. He insisted that his family pay twice the ransom demanded because he claimed it to be too low for such an important person as himself. During this imprisonment, Julius promised to execute the entire population of the island and once he became general, he took a fleet to Farmakonisi and crucified the entire population, an incident from which the island never recovered.

Excitement on the sun-drenched island of Ios

Sporting imposing bluffs, shimmering sapphire waters, breathtaking wide sandy beaches and top notch restaurants, tavernas and cafes, Ios is another Greek island known for wonderful onshore entertainment. Dock your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht in a secluded nestled bay or in the Port of Ios and expect the unexpected on this island of plenty!

A 15-munute walk up the steep hill from the port takes you to the town of Ios, a quaint Cycladic village paved with cobblestone stairs and alleys leaving it inaccessible to motor vehicles. The main street of the village is lined with busy restaurants, boutiques, bars and discos vibrant with tourists and locals alike dancing the night away.

The island also boasts magnificent beaches for lounging around in the warm sun, such as Mylopotas believed by many to be the best beach with many facilities for tourists, or Maganari, a tranquil cove that you will reach aboard your luxury charter boat. Ideal for a sweet retreat, the latter boasts three powdery sandy beaches bordering crystal clear waters that will have you exploring above and below the surface.

Mythical charm of Naxos

This destination is the largest amongst Cycladic islands and without a doubt the most fertile. With a good supply of water, Naxos developed a flourishing agriculture and islanders grow local vegetables and fruits thanks to which the island is dotted with lush fragrant citrus valleys and ancient olive groves.

This mountainous island boats archaic architecture such a huge marble arch towering over the Chora which is the entrance to an unfinished temple of Apollo. Take your time to visit the ruins of the antique temple of the goddess Demeter, traditional white churches or the Venetian castle, or “Crispi Tower”, dating back to the Duchy of the Archipelago, a maritime Cycladic state created by Venetian dukes and prospering between the 13th and the 16th century.

The island is dotted with magnificent beaches such as Agio Prokopios, located only 30 minutes away from the town of Naxos, sporting powdery white sands and warm and shallow turquoise waters ideal for taking advantage of all water toys available aboard your luxury charter vessel. Also worthwhile is Agio Georgios in the Chora with a beachfront promenade lined with tavernas and cafes for a relaxing afternoon.

Go island-hopping in Greece with Sunreef Yachts Charter and let these majestic and charming lands enchant you with their splendor and robust beauty, all-around breathtaking vistas, sun-drenched fields and slopes, impeccable glamorous beaches and glistening waters of the Aegean Sea. The Greeks Islands are all unique and boast a traditional flare coupled with a hint of cosmopolitanism calling for an authentic charter experience of a lifetime.

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