Discover the intriguing beauty of Cuba onboard a luxury catamaran

Concealed from the rest of the world for decades, Cuba beckons as a new frontier welcoming guests with beautiful aquamarine waters, spectacular backdrops and incredible cultural excursions.

Located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet, Cuba offers a diversity of a multiethnic country whose people, culture and customs derive from various origins. From legendary old-timer cars to fragrant cigars and with plenty of mambo and bolero in between, a trip to Cuba offers a rich palette of colours and aromas which create a perfect combination with an unrivalled comfort of luxury sailing.

Translated from the Taino language as ‘a great place’, Cuba truly is a magnificent destination for those who value peace and quiet of secluded bays, as well as for those who enjoy the vibrant life of Cuban cities and towns. This exciting charter destination offers its natural wonders, rich historical and cultural heritage for all enthusiasts of luxury sailing who want to have it all.

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