Dream family vacation – Sunreef style!

Planning a family holiday can be a real challenge, especially if you are seeking a perfect combination of an attractive destination, comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine, fun outdoor activities for the kids, and finally, some peace and quiet for yourself.

With hundreds of successful family charters conducted on luxury Sunreef Yachts catamarans over the ten years of Sunreef Yachts Charter operation, we are happy to provide you with an insight on the experience of chartering with kids which might just have more to it than you could ever imagine.

Guests of Sunreef 74 19th HOLE
The crew was really nice, paying attention to each detail to make our trip a perfect moment. The boat is very comfortable and even with young kids, including one under 2yo, we felt safe and could enjoy our journey. [...]It was our first cruise and when I asked my kids if the wanted to spend vacations on boat again, they said yes, but only with the same crew. I hope we have the opportunity to come again on the 19th HOLE.

Guests of Sunreef 58 IN THE WIND
We all had spent a fantastic week onboard In the Wind. […] The crew was on us all the time, making our time peaceful, helpful and nice. We were very spoilt specially our children. One day they even made Sushi, together with the Chef, from tuna fish caught the day before! […] I had also so good sleep because I knew that my daughter was so well attended with the incredible crew. […] Now, back at home, our children are sad, missing them.

Crew of Sunreef 58 IN THE WIND
We love having children on board! The yacht is equipped with comfortable lifejackets and all of the necessary safety gear for small children. We are able to create a neat barrier on the aft deck so that walking toddlers and small children aren’t able to access the aft or sides of the vessel, although we do strongly encourage children to wear life vests at all times when going outside as safety is a primary concern for the crew. This allows the parents to relax and enjoy their trip knowing that we will do whatever we can to keep their little ones happy and safe.

Crew of Sunreef 74 ORION
Often parents can be hesitant when it comes to bringing younger children on board the yacht. However, they are always quickly put at ease when they see how well their child sleeps on the boat. As the children get a little older, chances are most of the activities that they will be experiencing with us, like snorkelling, knee boarding, water skiing or wake boarding, are for their first time.

Sometimes the biggest challenge with children these days is getting them to put down their phones, iPads, and computers long enough to see where they are and all of the exciting activities they have before them. It usually doesn’t take too long, however, before they are outside on the flybridge or jumping off the bow, enjoying in the great outdoors.

Crew of Sunreef 62 ADEA
Children enjoy boating immensely and we always encourage them to discover new boundaries while making them aware of potential dangers. In spite of parents’ understandable anxieties about bringing children on a sailing yacht, children have a very high sense of their limits and we have often observed them pausing before doing something that may harm them. To us children aboard add a new level of satisfaction to our job, as we witness their joy in new discoveries and their fascination and appreciation of natural beauty. Boating is a safe vacation spiced with excitement and discovery for a child, something that will enrich and stay with them for life.

Crew of Sunreef 80 LEVANTE
Yacht cruises let you experience the cultures of the world and get to know new people. With every charter, children remind us of their emotional approach to life, especially when discover new things. The LEVANTE crew likes to raise their local culture awareness by bringing their attention to the language, dances, craft, nature etc., and coming up with games such as treasure hunt ! Join us in French Polynesia, the birthplace of the Mauhi culture.

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