Explore the Riches of the Riviera Maya and Belize on a Two Week Yacht Charter Vacation

Yearning for an island getaway filled with culture, beautiful sights, tons of activities and unparalleled diving opportunities?  Escape to the Riviera Maya and Belize for a 15 day yacht charter holiday that will exceed your expectations!  Check out our two week itinerary below:

Day 1: Isla Mujeres to Puerto Aventuras

Depart Isla Mujres to the first port of call during your luxury cruise – Puerto Aventuras. This world-class resort on the Mayan Riviera is home to a chic marina, verdant rolling golf courses, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and diving, elegant dining and premium shopping. Enjoy a night out or spend a quiet evening under the stars on the decks. The crew will prepare a delicious intimate meal and you can later enjoy a quiet movie night.

Day 2: Puerto Aventuras to Punta Allen

Wake up on board your charter yacht in Puerta Aventuras before heading to Punta Allen. A leisurely passage to the quaint village will be a memorable feast for the five senses thanks to unparalleled vistas over the Riviera. The unspoiled Punta Allen is an exotic sanctuary for every nature lover to enjoy. Whether you wish to explore the marine life while snorkeling or take the tender ashore and hike through dense forests, Punta Allen will keep you occupied.

Day 3: Punta Allen to Majahual

Majahual is a small fishing village that is slowly turning into a premium cruising destination. Disembark to visit Mayan ruins around Majahual or stay in the village to lounge around on soft sandy beaches to later stop by a bar or restaurant for a delicious drink. Majauhual is located in the proximity of Banco Chinchorro, a coral reef that is considered one of the world’s best shipwreck diving spots – so take out your gear and prepare for thrilling dives!

Day 4: Majahual to Ambergris Caye

Cruising along the Mayan Riviera during your passage from Majahual to Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest offshore island, you will have the opportunity of admiring the profound beauty and impeccability of the region. When you arrive to the caye you will be dazzled by the island’s turquoise waters and immaculate beauty mostly untouched by man. Once a Mayan settlement in Pre-Columbian times, Ambergris Caye is now a destination growing in popularity among eco tourists.

The northernmost cayes of Belize are one of the most spectacular places in the country that border the Belize Barrier Reef to the east. Be sure to stay in water swimming, snorkeling or diving as Ambergris Caye means plenty of fun for guests of all ages!

Day 5: On Ambergris Caye

Explore Ambergris Caye and see just why it has been gaining faithful aficionados. The island’s sincere beauty is without a doubt a good reason behind its growing popularity. Flora on Ambergris is strikingly similar to that found in southern Mexico with an abundance of, among others, white, red and black mangroves, wild sea grape, fig and coco plum whereas fauna on the caye include over 200 species of exotic birds. Gourmands will be delighted to discover local cuisine featuring many Spanish and Mexican specialties as well as freshly caught seafood.Visit San Pedro Town on the island’s southern tip home to the Ambergris Museum, displaying ancient Mayan artifacts. The colorful town is lined with authentic gift shops, quaint restaurants, bars and parks to fill your day. Coral gardens around the island give the perfect opportunity for snorkelers and divers alike who wish to enjoy their time off in paradise.

Day 6: Amergris Caye to Corozal Town

A few miles south of Belize’s border with Mexico lies Corozal Town, a small town built over an ancient Mayan city with loving locals and astounding views over the bay. Step ashore not only to relax on Corozal’s limestone beach, but also to visit Cerros, ruins of a Mayan site consisting of stepped pyramids, an acropolis and two ballcourts. Stroll about Corozal Town square with plenty of authentic Hispanic flare and visit one of the restaurants or casual eateries for fresh local fare.

Day 7: Corozal Town to Ambergris Caye

Underway back to Ambergris Caye, the yacht can stop along the shores of continental Belize in Corozal Bay with opportunities for swimming and snorkeling with exotic fish or trying out water toys available on board of the yacht. Arrive in Ambergris Caye in the afternoon and stop in San Pedro Town for dinner or enjoy a delicious meal onboard prepared by the Chef.

Day 8: Ambergris Caye to Banco Chinchorro

Cruising back to Mexico, you will head a bit eastward to reach Banco Chinchorro, an atoll reef being one of the world’s premiere shipwreck diving zones. Comprised of three islands, Chinchorro is an enticing destination to escape all the hustle and bustle of animated cities. The islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site with close to 800 protected species and a wealth of vibrant coral to discover while snorkeling and diving. Shipwreck diving should not be missed as the seabed is lined with at least nine wrecks.

Day 9: Banco Chinchorro to Tulum

After a thrilling day of shipwreck diving in Banco Chinchorro, cruise up to Tulum on the Mayan Riviera for some sightseeing. The Pre-Colombian walled city sits atop rocky cliffs and is one of the best preserved archeological sites dating back from the Mayan era. One of the earliest resorts in Mexico, Tulum is worth the detour and its ancient ambiance will instantly enchant you. Snorkel or dive around the Tulum Reef for a nonpareil in-water adventure that will leave you breathless.

Day 10: Tulum to Cozumel

On the agenda today – Cozumel Island. Start your visit of the island in Punta Sur, the southern tip, with baffling seascapes, sprawling beaches and impeccable waters for aquatic sports madness. Part of the Parque Punta Sur, a natural reserve covering reefs, beaches, lagoons and forests, Punta Sur is home to the Celarain lighthouse and the Caracol, yet another great example of ancient Mayan ingenuity. Some of the beaches on Punta Sur are nesting zones for sea turtles and observation towers over the Columbia lagoon are a true delight for the senses. This part of Cozumel Island is a fabulous diving destination for all experienced divers who can plunge right into the Devil’s Throat, an underwater cave formation in the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park.

Day 11: On Cozumel Island

Stay on Cozumel to further explore the island and head from Punta Sur to San Miguel de Cozumel, the island’s largest town. It combines the best of colonial Mexico with modern amenities for a casual yet elegant ambiance. San Miguel’s beating heart is Parque Benito Juarez, the central plaza, rimmed with boutiques, premium restaurants and hotels while Avenida Rafael Melgar is lined with quaint souvenir shops. Walk around the plaza in the evening and participate in spontaneous alfresco gatherings, concerts and dances bringing together convivial locals.

Day 12: Cozumel to Playa del Carmen

Leave Cozumel for the day and head over to the coastal town of Playa del Carmen whose casual ambiance is created with quaint boutique hotels and a European charm. Quinta Avenida is Playa del Carmen’s pedestrian only, cobblestone boulevard along which you will indulge in a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, boutiques and services. If you decide to spend the afternoon on the boat, snorkel, swim off the platform or catch some sun on the flybridge before an evening in one of the bustling beach bars filled with dancing and singing.

Day 13: Playa del Carmen to Puerto Morelos

Leaving Playa del Carmen, head a few miles northward to Puerto Morelos, a charming traditional Mexican resort, important fishing center and diving destination. The quiet beach vacation experience can be found here away from the animation of larger ports of call. Besides diving and snorkeling off the shores of Puerto Morelos, just outside of town is the Jardín Botánico offering hiking trails through several native habitats and the Crococun Zoo, an eco crocodile farm where touching, holding and feeding the wild animals is allowed.

Day 14: Puerto Morelos to Contoy Island

Cruise around to the island of Contoy, a beautiful slice of paradise under the protection of the Mexican government for over forty years now. A national park, Isla Contoy only allows 200 visitors per day and is a nesting haven for four species of sea turtles. The island is also a bird sanctuary home to 150 tropical marine species. Remote white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean make up for a stunningly serene setting.

Day 15: Contoy Island to Isla Mujeres

Isla Contoy is the most remarkable place to finish your luxury charter adventure. Spend a glorious morning in a pristine surrounding snorkeling, swimming or lounging around in the sun while admiring stupendous panoramas of the island and environs. Relax onboard as the yacht makes her way back to where you will disembark.

Contact Sunreef Yachts Charter to make your dreams a reality with an unforgettable yacht charter in the Riviera Maya and Belize.  We’ll create the perfect itinerary to fulfill each and every one of your needs.

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