Exploring Cenotes in the Mexican Caribbean

With astonishing ocean views set against magnificent backdrops of ancient Mayan ruins, when you arrive to the mesmerizing coast of the Riviera Maya, you know you are going to embark on something special.  Rich in natural beauty, tradition, history, and culture, the extraordinary sights you will encounter while chartering a yacht in the Mexican Caribbean are one-of-a-kind.  One such unique attraction are the sacred cenotes which Mayans believed were gateways to the afterlife. A naturally occurring phenomenon that occurs when the roof of a water-filled cave collapses, they are enchanting to behold and spectacular to explore.  Here are a few of the best cenotes to visit during your yacht charter in the Riviera Maya.


Offering a world of wonder, the circular-shaped bright and airy Gran Cenote features endless passageways and chambers to explore.   This partially-open air cenote is great for diving and snorkeling adventures with a maze of spectacular underwater formations to wind through. A dock for sunbathing, platforms to jump off of, a boardwalk, and even mini swamp make it an attractive option to visit.


Dos Ojos, whose name in English means “two eyes,” is one of the most famous cave systems in the Riviera Maya and the two large circular cenotes are said to resemble a pair of eyes marking the entrance to the underworld.  The third largest in the word, it is the deepest and among the longest found in the Yucatan.   The left eye is great for diving while the larger and more spread out right eye will appeal to swimmers and snorkelers.


Awe will overcome you from the first moment you step into mysterious Cenote X-Keken. The daunting underground cave has three entrances with railings along the edges and stone steps in front of the cenote where you can sit and admire the massive stalactites that hang from the roof and thick twisting tree roots that dangle into the luminous crystal-clear turquoise water of the cenote.


An alluring site for divers Chac-Mool or “Jaguar’s Claw” is a fascinating cenote that boasts of the largest underwater stalactite in the world.  Within visitors will find a huge cavern with views of the jungle and intriguing chambers to explore.  After winding through the main tunnel, two separate rooms brimming with interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations await to be discovered.


The astounding Ik-Kil or “Sacred Blue Cenote”, is a round crystal clear cenote that drops down nearly 85 feet from the surface. Surrounded be lush rainforests and adorned with hanging vines and small waterfalls, it is a magical sight to behold when lit up by the sun’s rays flooding in from above.

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