Fethiye, Turkey – A Fascinating Gem-Filled Coastal Retreat on the Turquoise Coast

Situated along Turkey’s scenic turquoise coast, Fethiye is an exceptional East Mediterranean yacht charter destination offering much to love in the form of spellbinding landscapes, stunning pine-studded shores, and picturesque secluded coves.   Graced not only in immense natural beauty, a large part of its charm lies in it rich history and as one of the most cultivated cities of the Roman and Byzantine periods, it offers plenty of spectacular ancient sites and a variety of cultural attractions for guests to indulge in.   An unspoiled gem-filled yacht charter destination, Fethiye is a land of intrigue and enchantment that is sure to pique your interest.

 Superb Stretches of Coastline

The beaches in and around Fethiye are some of the finest in Turkey.  One can’t miss stop to include on your yacht charter is the stunning sun-kissed beach and blue lagoon of Ölüdeniz.  Surrounded by verdant mountains, with golden sands, and calm sapphire seas, the setting is simply exquisite.

Astounding Ancient Rock Tombs

Built by the Lycians, the striking ancient rock tombs of Fethiye which date back to the 4th century are a miraculous and mysterious site to see.   One of the most popular and beautiful is the Tomb of Amyntas, which is carved into steep vertical cliffs and was crafted to resemble a classic temple.

Stunning Neighboring Islands

One of the gems of the Gulf of Fethiye is the area known as the Twelve Islands or Oniki Adalar.  Picturesque islands such as Dockyard Island, Red Island, Flat Island, Rabbit Island, and Cleopatra’s Bath are surrounded by crystal clear waters that range from deep sapphire to turquoise in color and offer plenty of secluded beaches and coves to enjoy during your Turquoise Coast yacht charter.

A Fascinating Abandoned Ghost Town Village

Situated on the hillside just outside of Fethiye, lies the intriguing ghost town of Kayaköy.  The Greek Orthodox village, originally built in the 1700′s, was abandoned after a population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923. The site is fascinating to explore and features hundreds of empty and mostly roofless stone houses, two churches and several chapels.

The Hidden Canyon of Saklikent

Saklikent Gorge is the largest gorge in Turkey formed by water erosion over hundreds of thousands of years from waterfalls that still flow today.  With gushing rapids, massive cliffs, and glistening rays that shine high from above, a walk through this beautiful natural wonder is an astounding experience.

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