Five Idyllic Fall Yacht Charter Destinations that are the Picture of Paradise

The popular summer yachting season may not be over just yet, but now is the perfect time to start planning a fall getaway.   From the tropical Caribbean and cosmopolitan Mediterranean to exotic destinations in South America, Africa, and the South Pacific, here are 5 of the top yacht charter destinations to visit this autumn.

Tropical Island Bliss on an Aruba Yachting Holiday

While the threat of hurricanes may hinder many from even considering the Caribbean as a fall destination,  those in the know are privy to the fact that the sun-soaked island of Aruba and its southern locale falls well below the tropical storm belt.  Yacht charter guests can rest assured that they will be treated to blissful weather with prime opportunities for lounging on the beach, sampling the island’s exciting attractions, and reveling in the cosmopolitan scene.

Extraordinary Adventures on a Yacht Charter in the Galápagos

A seasonable destination year-round, there’s never a bad time to visit the Galápagos. Situated at the top of the equator off the coast of Ecuador, the archipelago is home to fascinating creatures found nowhere else on Earth, which for yacht charter guests equates to once-in-a-lifetime up-close encounters with marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions, and an array of other unique animal species.

 Beguiling Beauty on a Mauritius Yachting Holiday

A picturesque sun-drenched paradise, some of the best times to visit Mauritius are in the autumn months when the temperatures are more comfortable and the air is less humid.  In addition to its stunning white-sand tropical beaches, turquoise lagoons, and idyllic conditions for water sports, visitors will fall in love with the culturally diverse atmosphere which is an intriguing blend of Indian, French, African, British, Arab, and Chinese cultures.

Exotic Allure on a Tahiti Yacht Charter

Year-round, the weather’s just about perfect in Tahiti and during September and October which fall within the dry season, the air is cooler and there is less chance of any rainfall. Exceptional beaches and jaw-dropping backdrops are just part of the allure for charter guests planning a visit, but one of the greatest pleasures is a full-fledged immersion into the colorful Polynesian culture and its limitless list of attractions.

Ancient Splendor on a Yacht Charter Vacation in Athens and the Cyclades Islands

Fall is the perfect time to visit Athens and the Cyclades Islands, the weather has cooled down from summer and the crowds are noticeably smaller. From marveling at ancient temples such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon and exploring charming whitewashed seaside towns to soaking up the golden sunshine and indulging in the lively culture, the Greek capital and surrounding islands offer a tantalizing list of treasures to enjoy.

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