Into the Deep – Diving in to Expore the Underwater Gems of Thailand

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, comfort, and personal service, a custom dive vacation onboard a luxury charter yacht in Thailand provides the experience of a lifetime for dive enthusiasts. An exotic oasis bestowed with stunning natural beauty and hundreds of breathtaking islands scattered across two spectacular bodies of water, the Andaman Sea to the west and the Gulf of Thailand to the east, both of which boast of crystal clear seas, colorful coral reefs, and vibrant marine life, the prime opportunities for underwater exploration in Thailand are limitless.  Here are a few of the top dive sites to check out during your SE Asia yachting getaway:

Richelieu Rock

The sheer encounter of spotting a whale shark is truly enthralling and Richelieu Rock is a known “whale magnet.”  Drawing dive enthusiasts from around the world, the waters of this famous dive site also teem with giant trevallies, dogtooth tuna, barracuda, jackfish and seahorses.

Koh Bon

Koh Bon features one of the only vertical walls in Thailand filled with colorful soft coral which range from turquoise, yellow and blue, in addition to the more common pinks and purples.  This site is one of the best places to see manta rays, but you will also have a good chance of spotting leopard and reef sharks.

Tachai Plateau

Tachai Plateau features a maze of submerged boulders, caverns and crevices that swarm with a variety of amazing marine life. In depths ranging from 12 meters down to about 30 meters, divers will be delighted with the triggerfish, rainbow runners, moray eels and huge schools of fusiliers and anthias which swim along the top of the plateau.

Elephant Head Rock

The incredible massive boulders, arches, swim-throughs, and tunnels of Elephant Head Rock provide for one of the most scenic dive sites in Thailand.   Divers will find plentiful opportunities of encountering  blue-ringed angelfish, parrotfish, yellow goatfish, snapper, and several varieties of lionfish.

Hin Daeng (Red Rock) and Hin Muang (Purple Rock)

Hin Daeng (red rock) and Hin Muang (purple rock) are world-famous for their lush tropical underwater scenery comprised of giant sea fans, colorful soft corals, and carpets of anemones.   Depths reach 70 meters and attract a variety of large fish and marine creatures including manta rays, whale sharks, and white and blacktip sharks.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock boasts of a large pinnacle which provides opportunities for wall diving and a chimney vertical swim-through chimney.  Highlights include huge schools of  barracuda, mackerel, wrasses, batfish, angelfish, and damselfish in addition to white eyed morays and raggy scorpionfish.

Japanese Garden

Named for the flower-shaped corals that flourish here, Japanese Garden is a shallow sandy bottom dive site great for those learning to dive and snorkelers.  The area offers prime opportunities for spotting turtles, giant pufferfish, butterfly fish, marbled emperor angelfish and red breasted wrasses.

A private yacht charter in Thailand offers unsurpassed opportunities for underwater exploration combined with the plush comfort, freedom, and service of a luxury getaway.   Offering a wide selection of stunning charter luxury catamarans, charter sailing yachts, charter power boats, and charter mega yachts, Sunreef Yachts Charter can arrange a custom yachting holiday in Thailand suited to your exact specifications.  Contact us at for more information.

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