Jost Van Dyke – A Laidback Tropical Haven in the BVI’s

Jost Van Dyke - An Idylllic Yacht Charter Destination

Celebrated for its rustic unspoiled beauty and casual laidback atmosphere that invites you to escape from it all, Jost Van Dyke exemplifies relaxed island living.   One of the more popular yacht charter destinations in the British Virgin Islands located just northwest of Tortola, the motto here is “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” and this charming 4 mile long island gem has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many barefoot visitors that have arrived upon her breathtakingly scenic shores.    The alluring pristine landscape marked by verdant green rolling hills, glistening white powdery sand beaches, and sparkling clear turquoise waters paints a dreamy picture-perfect welcome as your charter yacht  rolls ashore.

Jost Van Dyke Catamaran Holiday

Largely undeveloped with less than 300 local inhabitants, yacht charter guests seeking the ultimate tropical hideaway in the Caribbean will find Jost Van Dyke the perfect locale to drop anchor.  The island lacks resorts, spas, and the traditional tourist attractions, with only a small number of local bars and restaurants as well as the occasional convenience store.  Adding to Jost Van Dyke’s rugged appeal is the fact that only recently back in the 1990’s did it acquire electricity, there are no banks or ATMS, and the main street of Great Harbor, the largest mooring on the island, is simply made of sand.

Jost Van Dyke Sailing Vacation

A Beguiling Past

Spanning over 400 colorful years, the history of Jost Van Dyke is quite intriguing beginning with its namesake Captain Joost Van Dijk, a 17th Century Dutch pirate who used its harbors as a hideout and to launch covert attacks on ships heading to Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, and Cuba.  In the 18th Century, a Quaker colony fleeing the religious tyranny of England settled on the island to develop sugar-cane plantations, of which overgrown ruins still remain today.    Over the years, the island has been home to Arawak Indians, Carib Indians, Africans, Dutch and English settlers.

Bubbly Pool Jost Van Dyke

A Land Bestowed with Pristine Beauty

An idyllic Caribbean vacation destination for those that appreciate natural beauty in its purest form, Jost Van Dyke boasts of first-rate hiking trails, bountiful coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, and some of the most picturesque seagrape and coconut palm tree lined secluded beaches in the British Virgin Islands.  A simply divine experience not to be missed is an invigorating soak in the Bubbly Pool, tickling every inch of your body with effervescent bubbles.  Filled with schools of yellow, black, and white striped fish known as Sergeant Majors, this delightful tidal pool formed by ocean swells funneling through two large rock formations, truly is a natural wonder.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar Jost Van Dyke

Sunsets and Lazy Days

Catering to a laidback vibe, casual fun reigns supreme on the island with fabulous open air restaurants and world-famous beachside bars that will make you forget all of your worries.   Famous for their legendary New Year’s Eve parties, entertaining Friday and Saturday night BBQ’s, and Firewater Rum, Foxy’s in Great Harbor cannot be beat.    You will also want to sample one the Caribbean’s most popular libations the Painkiller, a delicious concoction of dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cream of coconut and freshly ground nutmeg,  straight from the source at Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay Beach.   Also on White Bay, another great spot to wind down as the sun sets is Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, the place is full of character, covered wall to wall with seashells, and works on the honor system,  allowing you to freely pour your own drinks exactly as you like.

The ultimate Caribbean getaway treating its guests to carefree sublime island living, chartering a yacht in Jost Van Dyke is an unparalleled experience that will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.  Sunreef Yachts Charter has a vast array of stunning top-rated charter sailing yachts, charter catamarans, and charter powerboats available in this little serene slice of paradise.  Hand-picking options suited for your exact needs, count on us to deliver a purely perfect tropical escape to the British Virgin Islands.

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