Meet the Crew Aboard Sunreef 70 Sailing MAVERICK

Recently launched in spring 2013, luxury charter sailing catamaran MAVERICK caters to the most discerning guests. Beautifully appointed and equipped for entertainment, Sunreef 70 Sailing MAVERICK is fitted for 9-12 guests that will spend a holiday of their lifetime sailing the West Med this summer or the Caribbean this upcoming winter. MAVERICK’s loving and expert crew of three will make sure to create a dream charter vacation in the most exotic parts of the world.

Below a quick interview with Captain Fergus Rae and Hostess Sarah Varney.

Captain Fergus and a young enthused charter guest taking the helm

Where did you develop a passion for the open sea?

Fergus: It has always captured the imagination. I never considered it as a career though until an extended holiday in the Caribbean.

Sarah: My first experience of the open sea was when I took part in the 11/12 Clipper Yacht Race. I love how vast and ever changing it is.

What is your favorite sailing destination so far?

Fergus: Fairly uninspired but I have always had a soft spot for the BVI. This is where my sailing career began and it does make for great sailing.

Sarah: Cape Town, South Africa was the most beautiful destination to sail into.

Hostess Sarah Varney

What is the one destination you would recommend charter guests to visit?

Fergus: Anywhere they haven’t been, or for that matter anywhere I haven’t been. I’m on MAVERICK because I want to go to new places.

Sarah: I agree with Fergus visiting and experiencing anywhere new is always exciting.

And what is there still to explore for you?

Fergus: While on this side of the Americas I want to visit Belize for the Barrier Reef and Archaeology ashore. The Pacific: Galapagos, South Pacific Islands, New Zealand.

Sarah: I would be very intrigued to sail around the Galapagos Islands and have always been attracted to the idea of chartering around New Zealand.

What do find to be the biggest challenge of working on charter yachts?

Sarah: With this being my first time working on a chartered yacht I will have to wait and see.

The biggest reward?

Fergus: The feeling of sailing mid ocean, watching the stars fade as the sun rises/ Waking up in a new bay everyday.

Sarah: Seeing guests leave with amazing memories and having been a part of them.

Is there any other field you could possibly see yourself in if not yachting?

Fergus: Possibly, something related to my degrees; perhaps archaeology or an Environmental Consultant.

Sarah: At this point in time I am enjoying the ever changing working environment this job allows me to have- so currently no!

What do enjoy doing most when not on duty?

Fergus: Polishing stainless. No, not really. The yacht is perfect for me, I enjoy water sports and diving and also do a bit of climbing. So, a bay off the beaten track where I can indulge with the boat toys and then some low level climbing (I’m not as good as I’d like so something over deep water in case I fall is perfect).

If I find myself in a city then I become a bit of a geek and visit museums, monuments and libraries  and then popping ashore to walk for more than 22m in a straight line is a great evening activity.

Sarah: I love taking part in any of the water sports available on the yacht. My favorites being dinghy sailing, water skiing and wakeboarding. Of course just laying in a sheltered bay enjoying the sun whilst reading a book is always a good way to spend the day.

 If you are interested in being catered to by the five-star crew aboard Sunreef 70 Sailing MAVERICK and enjoying a fun-filled getaway in the West Mediterranean or the Caribbean, please contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at

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