Natural Beauty, Bohemian Charm, and Barefoot Bliss in Coastal Trancoso, Brazil

Situated along the southern Bahian coast of Brazil lies a low-key fashionable hideaway said to be reminiscent of St. Tropez in the 50′s – Trancoso.  A once sleepy fishing village, this charming and laid back locale has in recent years become a chic enclave offering the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable private yachting holiday.

Quiet tranquility and spectacular palm-fringed beaches are a large part of why Trancoso is so beloved by the international jet-set.  The perpetually sunny shores are postcard-perfect with golden sands and crystalline blue green waters set against a vivid landscape of red cliffs and lush green forests.  Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach) is renowned as one of the finest beaches in Brazil, with flat calm waters ideal for swimming, soft sugar white sand, and swaying coconut palms.

Blessed not only with natural beauty, the bohemian-chic town of Trancoso features lovely preserved colonial architecture, a vibrant culture, and a creative artistic atmosphere. Within Trancoso’s main square, the Quadrado, is a UNESCO-protected grassy knoll bordered by brightly-colored low-rise wooden buildings that house chic shops, art studios, bars and restaurants.  The crowned gem standing at the end of the Quadrado and overlooking the sea is the whitewashed Igreja de São João Batista, the second-oldest church in Brazil, built by Portuguese settlers in 1586.

Trancoso also offers tremendous variety of options for those that desire active pursuits during their private yacht charter vacation.  With year-round sunshine, beach activities like kite surfing, snorkeling, and diving cannot be beat and horseback riding along the golden shores is truly an exceptional experience. Golf enthusiasts will want to check out Terravista Golf which spectacularly sits high above ocean cliffs and has extraordinary sea views, while nature lovers will appreciate hiking along a number of winding trails that cross rivers and delve deep into the forest depths.

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