Private Luxury Charter Vacations that Cater to Your Whims and Guilty Little Pleasures

On a yachting holiday, indulgence has no limits …each day is designed around you and defined by the guilty little pleasures and vices you want to give into.  From the moment you step aboard your elegant charter yacht, the captain and his crew make it a priority to ensure that each and every moment during your stay is carefree, luxurious, and unforgettable.  So go on and spoil yourself partaking in all of these divine little pleasures without any of the guilt.

Gastronomic Indulgences

With gourmet charter yacht chefs specializing in preparing delectable fare it is hard to resist giving in to this simple indulgence – the more exotic and decadent the better!

Escapist Fantasies

Nothing can satisfy your need to truly get away from it all like an indulgent escape to some of the world’s most beautiful secluded coves and pristine private beaches only accessible via your charter yacht’s tender.

Head to Toe Pure Pampering

Five-star service and luxe amenities go hand with private charter vacations but when you crave a little extra let the crew arrange for a masseuse or spa treatment specialist to come aboard and work their magic.

Retail Therapy

Go all out and delight in the pleasure of procuring articles of whimsy – from local handicrafts and art down to jewelry down to designer duds.

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