Revolutionary Underwater Exploration with the Tribord Easybreath

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Underwater enthusiasts can look forward to a cool new way to explore stunning seascapes and colorful marine life on their next yacht charter vacation with the Tribord Easybreath. A cutting-edge snorkel mask with a sleek futuristic design, the gear allows for easier breathing and better visibility under the sea.

The Tribord Easybreath has perfected the art of breathing and seeing underwater and even nabbed first place in the 2013 Oxylane Innovation Awards, an international competition for recreational sporting goods products.  Compared to traditional snorkel gear which requires users to breath through the mouth, the full-face mask of the Easybreath was designed for natural breathing and allows for breathing through the nostrils as well. Another great feature is the unbelievable 180 degree views which remain fog-free thanks to a special integrated double air-flow system.

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