Romance, History, and Grandeur in Sicily

Sicily is marked by its unique character, timeless beauty, stunning volcanic backdrops, and long history filled with centuries of marvelous tales. For those that appreciate glorious coastal landscapes, grand architectural masterpieces, and colorful towns seemingly frozen in time, chartering a yacht in Sicily is a dream come true.  From astounding Greek and Roman ruins, magnificent Renaissance art, and resplendent remnants from Italy’s storied past, Sunreef Yachts Charter invites you to get lost in the history, culture, and splendor of Sicily discovering the delights on offer in Taormina, Palermo,  Ragusa, Syracuse, and Cefalù.


Palermo is the vibrant capital city of Sicily offering an intriguing mix of cultures, architectural styles and diverse attractions.   Its history spans over 3,000 years and has been influenced by the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans; Moors, and Spaniards, among others.  The Palatine Chapel and its glorious mosaics, the beautifully-restored Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, and the catacombs at the Convento dei Cappuccin, are just a few sites that are sure to fascinate


The scenic cliff-top town of Taormina serves up plenty to admire and it is with good reason that this chic Sicilian yachting hotspot attracts a glamorous crowd.   In addition to designer shops and fab high-end eateries, there are stunning sights wherever you glance and spectacular views looking out onto Mount Etna and the Gulf of Naxos. Highlights include the magnificent Medieval old quarter, the ancient Greek amphitheater, Teatro Antico, and the astounding Alcantara Gorge.


One of the most visually striking towns in Sicily, Ragusa and its 18 UNESCO monuments are absolutely fascinating.   The baroque town has two distinguished areas – the Upper Town and Ibla, where a majority of the historic sites lie. The grandest building in Ibla is the 18th century Duomo di San Giorgio which is characterized by an impressive neoclassical dome.  The richly-embellished Chiesa di San Giuseppe filled with great masterpieces of art, the 14th century Chiesa di San Giacomothe, and the magnificently manicured Giardino Ibleo are a few other must-see sites.

Syracuse and Ortygia

Syracuse was one of the great Greek cities of antiquity founded by Corinthians in 734 BC. While comprised of two areas, the Parco Archeologico on the mainland and the island of Ortygia, most of the attractions worthy of a visit are found on Ortygia.  Centered around the magnificent Piazza del Duomo and its beautiful baroque cathedral, visitors will also have the opportunity to see one the world’s largest Greek theaters, the well of the nymph Arethusa, and the renowned Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi.


The charming seaside town of Cefalù is one of the Mediterranean’s most romantic.  It also offers the perfect blend of sun, sand and culture making it an idyllic stop on your Sicily yacht charter.  Known for its long golden sand beaches, oceanfront promenade, colorful cafe-filled old town square, and dramatic architecture, Cefalù is the picture of postcard-perfection.  To soak up spectacular panoramic views, make sure to visit the summit of La Rocca which rises sharply behind Piazza del Duomo.

Few places are more beautiful and charming on earth than Sicily and nothing compares to a yachting getaway exploring its colorful offerings.  Contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at for a personalized itinerary tailored to your exact specifications and live the dream on a luxurious private yacht charter in this exceptional Mediterranean yachting destination.



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