Sunreef Sailing Catamaran BLUE DEER – A Luxury Yachting Holiday Concept from the Illustrious San Lorenzo Lodges

Providing guests an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime, the fortunate few that indulge on a yachting holiday onboard the incomparable 2015 Sunreef 74 sailing catamaran BLUE DEER are afforded an extraordinary retreat unlike any other. The unique concept focused on providing a true taste of freedom and hospitality.was envisioned by Giorgia and Stefano Barbini, two high profile fashion and luxury dignitaries, whom wanted to share their passion for authentic things, for pristine nature, and for good food.

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The couple’s dream started back in 2010 with their creation of the exclusive White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, which perfectly captures the true essence of what it means to live la dolce vita.  Affording spectacular views of Italy’s enchanting Dolomites, the lodge has garnered much attention from discriminating travelers from all around the world. With the desire to expand their vision with another original retreat that could match the atmosphere of the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Giorgia and Stefano brought to life the Blue Deer Sea Lodge.

Sailing the high seas of the sun-kissed Caribbean in the winter and the Mediterranean in the summer, Sunreef catamaran BLUE DEER beckons guests to satisfy their cravings for a one-of-a-kind experience that embraces the soul of a world traveler.  The atmosphere on board is refined and unique yet at the same time relaxed and intimate, evoking a spirit of tranquility and natural beauty where time seems to stand still.

Her flawlessly designed interiors incorporate streamlined furnishings, rich touches of color and stylish accents that emphasize a feeling of timeless elegance.  Stylish staterooms provided for up to 10 guests combine the pleasure of privacy with that of comfort and intimacy.  They reflect a soothing ambiance with all the pleasures of feeling at home and feature a fashion-forward design with a sophisticated urban chic color scheme accentuated by luxe linens in bold ruby and emerald jewel-toned shades.

A sailing holiday onboard BLUE DEER offers guests impeccable hospitality in perfect Italian style and a voyage that transcends time and space, enticing guests to savor special moments with friends and family while enjoying life’s everyday little pleasures.  For information about chartering BLUE DEER in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, please contact us at

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