Caribbean Dream Charter Aboard Luxury Catamaran OCEAN VIEW

From the unspoilt and idyllic St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the breath-taking Virgin Islands, the stunning sailing Lagoon 620 OCEAN VIEW is a top choice for an ultimate yachting getaway with friends and family. Continue reading

Delightful Honeymoon Steals and Deals in the Caribbean

Honeymoon in the Caribbean

Nothing compares to an intimate escape to the Caribbean with your loved one aboard a luxury charter yacht.  Make your dreams come true by indulging in a private yacht vacation for your honeymoon and be treated to a romantic voyage to paradise complete with unparalleled pampering, five-star luxury, and once in a lifetime experiences.   Pop open that bottle of champagne and toast to a wonderful new life together as you share your first memories as husband and wife on a luxury yacht charter! Continue reading

Welcome to Paradise! Sunreef Yachts Charter Presents You with the Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Your choice of luxury charter destination might just be one of the toughest decisions you will have to make, especially if you wish to explore the Caribbean region. Known for years as ultimate charter grounds, the Caribbean Islands are a spectacular venue to discover and what makes them even more special is that with this many islands, islets and cays, each visit in the region leaves new remarkable imprints on guests.

We cannot imagine a perfect charter vacation without tremendous beach getaways in this land where sparkling azure sea, white powdery sands, luscious towering palm trees and plenty of sunshine are intrinsic to everyday life. Be inspired by our choice of the best beaches in the Caribbean to explore aboard a luxury power catamaran, luxury charter mega yacht, luxury charter power yacht or luxury charter sailing yacht.

Ready? Let the adventure begin!

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Antigua Charter Show 2012, the Highlight of the Winter Season

What better way to start the Holiday season than under the warm Caribbean sun? Do not be deceived though, our four professionals will not be vacationing in Antigua but will fly in for the 2012 Antigua Charter Show that will take place this year December 2nd-9th in three marinas on the island: Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, The Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina both in Falmouth Harbour.

This year’s edition of the show will showcase over 100 of the world’s most luxurious charter vessels, including five Sunreef Yachts catamarans: IN THE WIND, ABUELO, DAMRAK II, SKYLARK as well as IPHARRA. All of the islands in the Caribbean being undoubted winter hotspots, it is nonetheless Antigua that steals the show the first week of December.

Sunreef Yachts Charter experts understand that clients’ priorities are the key to success and this is why the week spent in Antigua is a very constructive period. We will inspect yachts to get an up-close and personal view of various types of charter yachts including luxury catamarans, luxury mega yachts, luxury powerboats and charter sailing yachts. This meticulous review allows us to recommend only the best yachts available on the charter market to our esteemed clients.

Nothing escapes our critic eye. Just like our clients, we value only the highest quality of onboard service and cuisine as well as the best presentation to later meet our clients’ individual needs.

Year to year a staple feature of the show, the “Concours de Chef” is a highlight competition to follow. Participating Chefs are masters of refined cuisine and even the most discerning charter guests will be pleased with solutions meeting their dietary restrictions. Sunreef Yachts Charter is proud to engage award-winning Chefs and the crew of luxury catamaran SKYLARK is no exception. A talented and devoted gourmet Chef, Caro Uy was awarded not only during last year’s Antigua Charter Show but also during the 2010 BVI Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition in several categories. Please click here to view a sample menu prepared by Caro.

Please contact us at to meet us during the show and visit with us IN THE WIND, ABUELO, DAMRAK II, SKYLARK, IPHARRA or any other catamaran, mega yacht, powerboat or sailing yacht participating in the show.

See you in Antigua!

Treat Yourself to Unrivalled Fun and All-Around Sun with Sunreef Yachts Charter this Winter

Although winter equals plenty of fun for all alpine sports enthusiasts, most of us fear short gloomy days and lack of natural light. To avoid winter blues, Sunreef Yachts Charter rises to the occasion and has for you a selection of top-rated catamarans available in worldwide locations offering onboard luxury, more-than-you-can-imagine relaxation, water sports fun and basking in the sun.

Our luxury catamarans will be available for charter not only in the popular charter region of the Caribbean but also in the South Pacific. Visit St. Martin, St. Barts, St. Lucia, Tortola, Antigua, BVI, USVI, Bahamas or Panama, to name a few, or head over to the southern hemisphere and visit natural wonders of New Zealand while sailing the plush coast of the Bay of Islands.

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Sun-drenched Antigua is Waiting for You This Winter!

Undoubtedly one of the most popular charter destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Antigua is one-half of Antigua and Barbuda, a nation in the heart of the region! Many visitors choose this corner of the Earth as a dream place to spend their holiday due to its sun-kissed climate, favorable sailing conditions, warm scintillating waters ideal for swimming or snorkeling, spiced local cuisine, diverse culture and rich heritage. The unique blend of attributes is the reason why this ultimate melting pot attracts a number of visitors; however, with a meandering and craggy coastline, it remains relatively pristine and guests longing for secluded beaches and anchorages will find something for themselves.

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Sunreef 70 Catamaran MUSE: A Sailing Adventure Starring Food for Fun

MUSE is a spacious Sunreef 70 that features three doubles, two twins, one single and a Pullman, making it an ideal option for families with children. The yacht is very informal, not showy or ostentatious, guests can relax without worry that their young ones will endanger artwork and décor. The Owner successfully designed interiors with the charming ambiance of a house in the south of France.

While the heart of MUSE is home, the soul is food. Chef Caro and her husband, Captain Jez Fletcher, are world travelers and both love to cook cuisine incorporating menus and ingredients from distant lands. Captain Jez invites guests of all ages to assist with the handmade pasta that they can hang on a rail above the galley counter.

Prawns in Coconut

Our lunch on the aft deck of MUSE started with a course of delicate prawns dusted in coconut and served on a locally grown pineapple wedge. This was followed by pork belly confit marinated overnight in a dry rub of coriander, cumin, rosemary and sea salt and slow cooked, also baked pork ribs inspired by Vietnamese cookery, finished in a Vietnamese caramel sauté with balsamic and tamarind glaze. These innovative and delicious dishes were a testimony to the creative talent that seems to come quite effortlessly to Chef Caro.

The dessert was a delightfully effervescent champagne jello, which we all decided was perfect for any final course, but particularly for the forthcoming holiday celebrations. We asked Chef Caro for the recipe, which, transcribed below, presents a very clear picture of how easy it is to do at home, as well as the endearing charm of Chef Caro.

Chef Caro


Champagne Jello
12 sheets or 2 packets of Knox unflavored gelatin
1 coffee mug water
1 coffee mug sugar
1 bottle champagne

“You start off with ½ a coffee mug of water at room temperature. I’m very low tech. Dump in either 12 sheets or two packets of unflavored gelatin and stir it through the water, this is called blooming the gelatin. You let it soak up a bit of the water so that its easier to dissolve later.

Take a small pot and pour another ½ coffee mug of water and a full mug of sugar. Warm up gently until the sugar is dissolved, kind of like bartender syrup, and pour this into the bloomed gelatin. At this stage it will look like a grainy mess. Stir it through to dissolve it nicely and just let it sit to cool. You can do this in the morning, then have a cup of coffee, or do your face, that’s what I do.

Here’s the trick; the sugar and gelatin syrup, which has been well mixed through, should be just nice and cool, not setting. It should be in a big mixing bowl because the next thing to do is get a bottle of champagne, cava or prosecco. This is really important; you resist the temptation to just down the champagne yourself. Instead you must dump the entire bottle into the bowl, a very liberating experience.

Give it a quick whisk through, pour it into a non-reactive container, plastic or good stainless, give it a quick taste, but not for the reason you think. You taste it to see if you want a little squisher of lime or lemon juice. I used a quarter spoon for brut champagne, if you’re using a demi-sec that somebody mistakenly gave you and you think, well I’ll make a bit of champagne jello, you may want to use a bigger squisher.

Pop it in the fridge for four or five hours. If you prefer you can pour it into nice little shot glasses or martini glasses and layer it with berries soaked in Cointreau. Do not use pineapple or kiwi because they have an enzyme that dissolves the protein in the gelatin, use any other fruit you please.

The trick to preserving the bubbles in the champagne is to be sure the syrup mixture is cool but not yet set. Do not put it in the refrigerator to cool because the sides of the container will start to gel to quickly. As you can see, it’s dead easy and tends to be very popular!”

Thanks so much Caro!

Please visit MUSE for detailed specifications and charter information.

Here is a useful link to Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations.