St. Martin/St. Maarten — Two Worlds of Universal Appeal

A Caribbean jewel blessed with turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and a warm tropical climate, the 37-square-mile island of St. Martin/St. Maarten is a prime yacht charter destination.  As the world’s smallest island inhabited by two countries, France and the Netherlands, guests visiting St. Martin, have the advantage of experiencing two fascinating cultures.  Divided to the north and the south by the French and the Dutch respectively, both sides are equally beautiful but distinctively different.  The French side of the island is casual, chic, and peaceful, whereas the Dutch side is active, robust, and vibrant.   Known as the “crossroads of the Caribbean” a yachting holiday in St. Martin is pure perfection, offering something for everyone such as world-class shopping, breathtaking beaches, sightseeing opportunities galore, and fun-filled activities like diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, horseback riding and hiking.  So hop aboard your charter megayacht, powerboat, sailing yacht, or catamaran and treat yourself to a yachting vacation that you will treasure forever.

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St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the most recognized tourist destinations in the world and we are not at all surprised. The Caribbean region has long been known as the hub for sun-seekers who spend their winter holiday in this part of the globe. Ubiquitous sunshine, stretching powdery beaches, glistening azure waters, blue skies, abundance of luxurious flora, vibrant bird species, colorful fishes, verdant rolling bluffs, fresh citrus fruits and a rich local culture all make St. Lucia an utter paradise on Earth suitable for a luxury charter vacation aboard an exquisite mega yacht, catamaran, sailing yacht or powerboat.

Gros Islet

Welcome to St. Lucia’s northernmost and newest town that has only recently changed its status from being a village. Dotted with the a marina for docking your luxury charter catamaran, luxury charter mega yacht, luxury charter powerboat or luxury charter sailing yacht, this bustling town boasts larger beaches such as Reduit Beach, Cas en Bas, Anse Lavouette or Pigeon Point Beach, as well as luxury resorts for the ultimate chic experience in the Caribbean. Every Friday takes place a large street party (“The Jump-Up”) in Gros Islet when vehicle circulation is forbidden, bars stay open and local merchants sell their fresh produce.

Rodney Bay Marina in Gros Islet becomes the center of activity each December when the Atlantic Ralley for Cruisers finishes on the island after a long journey from Gran Canaria. In 2007, the Beausejour Cricket Stadium on the town’s outskirts hosted the Cricket World Cup.


Although a major port of call for large cruise ships, St. Lucia’s capital is also a fabulous stopover for luxury charter yachts that can dock safely at Pointe Seraphine located just to the north of the harbor and offering tax-free shopping. The town has everything for visitors including George F.L. Charles Airport serving flights to, among others, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Barbados and Grenada, as well as three tourist offices, boutiques, restaurants specializing in local delicacies and cafes.

Surmounting the town is the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a rather humble but charming stone building located in Derek Walcott Square, a public square and park named after Derek Walcott, the winner of the literature Nobel prize in 1992. Sprawling beaches around Castries include Vigie Beach, Malabar Beach, Choc Beach and La Toc, all easily accessible by luxury charter mega yacht or luxury power catamaran.

Marigot Bay

Sailing further south along the island’s western coast, you will reach Marigot Bay at only a few miles from St. Lucia’s capital. Quaintly nestled in a tranquil sparkling bay and surrounded on three sides by rolling verdant cliffs atop from which spread breathtaking views, the bay’s indent is used to shelter boats from unfavorable weather conditions such as hurricanes that can occasionally strike the region in the summer.

Marigot Bay is an important historic landmark in St. Lucia due to its turbulent past as a site of a number of battles between the French and the British a few centuries ago. The reward for hiking up winding trails will be astounding panoramas of the region. Dock your yacht in the Marigot Bay marina known for receiving luxury yachts owned by jetsetters from all over the world.


Originally the capital of St. Lucia, the town was founded by the French in the 18th century and taken over by the British at the beginning of the following century. The coastal town’s main attraction are the two Piton volcanoes located to the south of Soufrière. The area also houses a number of ancient estates such as Soufrière Estate, Fond Doux Estate and Rabot Estate.

Visit Anse Chastanet, a quiet public beach also home to a luxury hotel where you can pause for a spa treatment or a freshly prepared island meal. You may also want to choose more casual snacks sold at local beach shacks.

The Pitons

Just outside of Soufrière are the Pitons, two volcanic rock formations under the UNESCO World Heritage protection program. The Gros Piton towers the area at 771 meters while the Petit Piton is slightly shorter at 743 meters.

While there, make sure to visit the Ladera Hotel from where you will admire astounding views over Jalousie Bay and Jalousie Estate. Some consider these views as the best panoramas on St. Lucia.

Sulfur Springs

Sulfur Springs is the world’s only drive-in volcano located near Soufrière and the Pitons. The springs are believed to have been created over  400,000 years ago and the water diffused out of the spring is black, a reaction between sulfur and iron. Sulfur Springs also contain huge amounts for copper, lead, calcium oxide and carbon.

What makes the springs so spectacular is the fact that it is actually possible to drive up to the edge and until very recently, visitors were even allowed to walk right up to the end of the tar pits. Hundreds of yards downstream from the spring the water is still hot but at 110F, it is cool enough for guests to enter and enjoy mud baths believed to contain medical powers.

St. Lucia Botanical Gardens

Also known as the Diamond Botanical Gardens, the site located in the town of Soufrière is home to the Diamond Waterfall and is equally the oldest botanical garden on the island. One of the natural wonders of St. Lucia, this tropical site abounds in ideal serene retreats while hiking through a plethora of exotic flora and fauna.

Naturally and historically rich, the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens are also home to hot mineral springs filled with healing waters. Discover the Nature Trail and listen in to St. Lucian orioles, hawks or doves that you will hear somewhere high up in the canopy. The trail ends when you will have reached the Old Mill and Waterwheel dating back to 1765 and whose original purpose was to crush sugar cane. Right now it is home to the Old Mill Restaurant where after a day of visiting you will be able to take a lunch or coffee break.

Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort is the island’s second-largest town located on the southernmost point of St. Lucia that once served as a fortification looking to the south. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, Vieux Fort was an important sugar cane hub during the industry’s age of glory and right now it is the country’s main port of entry housing a port just to the south of the town. Vieux Fort is also the island’s main industrial center.

Visit Vieux Fort on Friday or Saturday, two market days during the week, when you will stroll through fragrant stands of spices, local products and fruits as well as freshly caught fish that the Chef aboard your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht will prepare for onboard lunch or dinner. Stop by the Maria Islands Nature Reserve, the nesting ground for leatherback turtles and home to a species of iguanas endemic to St. Lucia.

Culture in St. Lucia

St. Lucia boasts a vibrant music history as do the rest of the West Indies. A very strong indigenous folk music tradition marks the island of St. Lucia where locals enjoy such genres as calypso, compas, dancehall, reggae, salsa, soca and zouk. For over 20 years, the island has been hosting the world-renowned St. Lucia Jazz Festival uniting many international as well as local stars of the jazz, R&B and calypso music scene.

Quadrille is an archaic dance routine originating from France whose Creole form in the Lesser Antilles is known as kwadril. There are also two historic societies on St. Lucia, La Rose and La Marguerite. Both date back from the slavery era, the difference being that the former commemorates the British heritage while the latter gives homage to the French ancestors.

Pack your bags and part with us to visit the most charming and still relatively immaculate Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

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Wondering Where to Stop in St. Lucia? Berth in Rodney Bay Marina

Does St. Lucia ring a bell? Well, it most certainly should because it is a genuine slice of paradise in the Caribbean… Lush rainforests, immaculate beaches, vibrant tropical birds, rolling verdant hills, fruit orchards abounding in bananas, papayas, mango and coconut, premium hotels, magnificent restaurants and splendid diving grounds give St. Lucia the status of a star among the West Indies islands.

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Bienvenido en Panama!

The most well-known symbols of the small Latin American country of Panama are unquestionably the Panama Canal and the Panama hat; however, guests must know that although these are the first connotations in mind, they are certainly not the only ones that visitors are left with after a relaxing holiday in this thriving central land. The sun-kissed country sporting a wealth of landmarks and a rich culture is a gentle blend of swaying palm trees, shiny powdery beaches and sapphire waters- an irreproachable sailing ground for luxury charter mega yachts, luxury charter catamarans, luxury charter powerboats and luxury charter sailing yachts.

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Antigua Charter Show 2012, the Highlight of the Winter Season

What better way to start the Holiday season than under the warm Caribbean sun? Do not be deceived though, our four professionals will not be vacationing in Antigua but will fly in for the 2012 Antigua Charter Show that will take place this year December 2nd-9th in three marinas on the island: Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, The Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina both in Falmouth Harbour.

This year’s edition of the show will showcase over 100 of the world’s most luxurious charter vessels, including five Sunreef Yachts catamarans: IN THE WIND, ABUELO, DAMRAK II, SKYLARK as well as IPHARRA. All of the islands in the Caribbean being undoubted winter hotspots, it is nonetheless Antigua that steals the show the first week of December.

Sunreef Yachts Charter experts understand that clients’ priorities are the key to success and this is why the week spent in Antigua is a very constructive period. We will inspect yachts to get an up-close and personal view of various types of charter yachts including luxury catamarans, luxury mega yachts, luxury powerboats and charter sailing yachts. This meticulous review allows us to recommend only the best yachts available on the charter market to our esteemed clients.

Nothing escapes our critic eye. Just like our clients, we value only the highest quality of onboard service and cuisine as well as the best presentation to later meet our clients’ individual needs.

Year to year a staple feature of the show, the “Concours de Chef” is a highlight competition to follow. Participating Chefs are masters of refined cuisine and even the most discerning charter guests will be pleased with solutions meeting their dietary restrictions. Sunreef Yachts Charter is proud to engage award-winning Chefs and the crew of luxury catamaran SKYLARK is no exception. A talented and devoted gourmet Chef, Caro Uy was awarded not only during last year’s Antigua Charter Show but also during the 2010 BVI Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition in several categories. Please click here to view a sample menu prepared by Caro.

Please contact us at to meet us during the show and visit with us IN THE WIND, ABUELO, DAMRAK II, SKYLARK, IPHARRA or any other catamaran, mega yacht, powerboat or sailing yacht participating in the show.

See you in Antigua!

Treat Yourself to Unrivalled Fun and All-Around Sun with Sunreef Yachts Charter this Winter

Although winter equals plenty of fun for all alpine sports enthusiasts, most of us fear short gloomy days and lack of natural light. To avoid winter blues, Sunreef Yachts Charter rises to the occasion and has for you a selection of top-rated catamarans available in worldwide locations offering onboard luxury, more-than-you-can-imagine relaxation, water sports fun and basking in the sun.

Our luxury catamarans will be available for charter not only in the popular charter region of the Caribbean but also in the South Pacific. Visit St. Martin, St. Barts, St. Lucia, Tortola, Antigua, BVI, USVI, Bahamas or Panama, to name a few, or head over to the southern hemisphere and visit natural wonders of New Zealand while sailing the plush coast of the Bay of Islands.

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Check Out Our Selection of the Best Luxury Powerboats for an Enticing Winter Holiday!


Spend your winter break cruising a sun-kissed destination of your choice with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Let us show you paradise! With a top-rated luxury charter power yacht, your winter vacation in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or the Mediterranean will be filled with joy, laughter, long sunny days, beachcombing, swimming in glistening waters, snorkeling and diving with vibrant marine life as well as visits to bustling towns rimming the shores of the Leeward Islands, the Windwards or south of Europe.

Here is a sample of luxury charter powerboats available this winter:

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Sunreef Yachts Charter Presents the Most Precious Mega Yachts Available This Winter

With winter just around the corner and short, gloomy days a sad reality, we would like to present you with some of the most precious luxury charter mega yachts available with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Escape from it all this winter and recharge your batteries in a tropical destination of your choice!

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Sun-drenched Antigua is Waiting for You This Winter!

Undoubtedly one of the most popular charter destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Antigua is one-half of Antigua and Barbuda, a nation in the heart of the region! Many visitors choose this corner of the Earth as a dream place to spend their holiday due to its sun-kissed climate, favorable sailing conditions, warm scintillating waters ideal for swimming or snorkeling, spiced local cuisine, diverse culture and rich heritage. The unique blend of attributes is the reason why this ultimate melting pot attracts a number of visitors; however, with a meandering and craggy coastline, it remains relatively pristine and guests longing for secluded beaches and anchorages will find something for themselves.

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