5 Unique and Riveting Excursions to Seek Out on Your Next Caribbean Yachting Getaway

While many visitors are lured to the Caribbean by its warm tropical weather and breathtaking palm-studded sandy shores, yacht charter guests can satisfy their tastes for the extraordinary by embarking on a few unusual excursions such as swimming with pigs, visiting an underwater museum, or riding on an ostrich.  Check out these five unique activities that you may want to try out on your next Caribbean yacht charter vacation. Continue reading

Lesser-Known Treasures in the Caribbean to Discover this Winter

This winter if you want to visit a more off-the-radar yacht charter destination with fewer crowds and unmatched raw natural beauty, we have some of the most idyllic sun-kissed tropical locales that offer a true taste of the Caribbean lifestyle.  From relaxed yachting getaways to those appealing to thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts, discover some of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets and escape to paradise. Continue reading