Call of the Wild – Discovering Untamed Beauty on a Luxury Charter Vacation in Madagascar

A rare gem glistening in the Indian Ocean just off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is a dazzling yacht charter destination blessed with a spectacular coastline, tantalizing turquoise waters, and colorful reef systems teeming with marine life. The fourth largest island in the world, this oasis of exotic beauty also entices with its vast array of remarkable flora and fauna and diverse landscapes which range from tropical beaches and coastal rainforests to deserts and savannas. Continue reading

An Encounter of Endless Enchantment in the Islands of the Seychelles

A sun-kissed paradise comprised of over 100 enticing islands, the spellbinding Seychelles are a picture-perfect yacht charter destination for those dreaming of the ultimate island-hopping getaway.  A beguiling Garden of Eden each island entices with dramatic backdrops, sapphire seas, and coconut-palm fringed beaches that beckon pure escapism. From the principal islands of vibrant Mahé, pristine Praslin, and laid-back La Digue to the low-lying coralline Outer Islands where diving is superb, the sublime raw beauty encountered during a yachting holiday in the Seychelles is intoxicating. Continue reading

Catch the Aloha Spirit on an Island-Hopping Luxury Yachting Holiday in Hawaii

Hawaii is a heavenly yacht charter destination boasting of majestic volcanic landscapes, spectacular beaches, and a fascinating Polynesian culture.   The stunning coastline spans over 750 miles and there are 132 islets, shoals and reefs to visit aboard your graceful sailing charter yacht, sleek power charter yacht, elegant charter catamaran or lavishly-appointed charter mega yacht.  And, with a huge list of activities, cultural attractions, and naturally scenic sites, there is no limit to the number of things you can see and do during your yachting vacation in Hawaii. Continue reading

Journey to the Most Exotic Locales this Winter Onboard Luxury Sailing Catamarans CHE and BLAZE II

Looking to set sail on an extraordinary adventure traveling to the most exotic and breathtakingly beautiful yachting destinations in the world?  This winter is your opportunity to open the door to a world of unique experiences, fascination, and allure in either the stunning South Pacific aboard luxury charter yacht CHE or mesmerizing Southeast Asia aboard luxury charter yacht BLAZE II. Continue reading