Luxury Charter Vacation in the Bountiful Tonga Islands

French Polynesia has only lately been emerging as the southern hemisphere’s premium luxury charter destination offering the most plush surroundings and favorable sailing conditions for your yacht enabling you to spend the time of your life aboard while soaking in these islands’ splendor. One of the best kept secrets of this part of the world rest without a doubt the islands of Tonga, a terrestrial paradise lying north of New Zealand. The sun-drenched Tonga Islands are an utter haven lined with powdery white beaches bordering magnificent deep azure lagoons perfect for mooring your luxury charter yacht. This culturally rich island country enchants with rustic beauty and lures all water sports amateurs for a once in a lifetime adventure under the sun!

Tonga is a wonderful collection of 176 scattered islands with over 30 pristine uninhabited islands. There is absolutely no better way to discover these anchorages than on a luxury charter yacht. Hop aboard with Sunreef Yachts Charter and let the magnificence of the plentiful islands sweep you off your feet!

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Direction: The World’s Premium Beaches!

Chartering a luxury yacht leaves guests with a wonderful opportunity of visiting awe-inspiring worldwide destinations and combining the thrill of aquatic adventures with sightseeing on land. What better way to experience the open seas than cruising smoothly through soothing transparent waters, whether you choose to visit opulent coastlines in Europe, safe anchorages of the Caribbean and the Bahamas or azure lagoons of the South Pacific. Imagine spending your morning snorkeling or diving in the caressing waters and discovering lush marine life, your afternoon beachcombing and sunbathing on golden or white powdery sands and your evening dining aboard your luxury yacht while listening in to tranquil breezes and admiring verdant beachfront flora.

Visit some of the world’s most spectacular and breathtaking beaches that will tingle the five senses and leave you stupefied by their splendor, crystal waters, fine sands and plush entourage. Getaway with Sunreef Yachts Charter and let your luxury charter yacht guide you to the most remarkable beaches in the world. Bon Voyage!

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Meet the crew of SKYLARK

Luxury catamaran SKYLARK is the newest addition to the Sunreef Yachts Charter fleet and we take the opportunity to present you with her top-notch crew, Captain Jez Fletcher and Chef Caro Uy. This always cordial and friendly close-knit team is devoted to excellence and their passion for traveling and the open seas has taken them to remote places around the world. Now they are up for a new seafaring adventure aboard this high performance power catamaran and are already anticipating treating guests to a royal service.

Do you have a personal favorite destination?

Jez: BVI. It is a beautiful and varied destination with small safe anchorages.
Caro: Corsica in the Med, and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. Jez speaks from the point of view of a captain while I am interested in provisioning. Corsica is a spectacular destination with its craggy coastline and wonderful produce: the maquis (wild herbs), fig trees, chestnuts and olive oil that add a unique tint of flavor to my dishes. The Grenadines offer unique fragrant bay leaf varieties, fresh spices and great lobster, plus friendly local culture and stunning anchorages.

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