Timeless Charm, Enigmatic Beauty and Adriatic Allure in Hvar, Croatia

A prime pick for an indulgent summer yachting getaway, the picturesque and alluring island of Hvar is Croatia’s most chic and desirable destination.  Its stunning landscapes marked by fragrant lavender fields, sprawling vineyards, rugged cliffs, and gorgeous beaches, in addition to its rich Dalmatian history and vibrant nightlife, give good reason to why this idyllic locale was ranked by Condé Nast as one of the ten best islands in the world.  Whether you prefer to enjoy sun-soaked days spent lazing on the deck of your elegant charter yacht simply admiring the unparallelled backdrops, relaxing on the beach, swimming in the clear calm cerulean blue waters of the Adriatic, or meandering the island’s medieval towns, chartering a yacht in Hvar is straight out of a dream. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Croatia Should Be Your Next Yachting Getaway Stop

Known as the land of a thousand islands, with some 1,200 of them scattered across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia lures travelers to her stunning shores with striking craggy bluffs, pristine bright turquoise waters, hidden coves, and spectacular beaches.   Hopping from island to island aboard a luxury charter yacht is the best way to see this dream destination soaking in the natural beauty of the landscapes as you cruise along the magnificent coastline exploring charming picturesque clay-roofed old towns, observing grand Greek, Roman, Venetian, and Slavic architectural landmarks, and sampling the superb delectable Dalmation cuisine along the way.  An idyllic summer yachting destination, Croatia should be top on your list if you are planning your next  getaway, – here are just a few attractions that make it so appealing. Continue reading