The Charming Seaside Towns of Cinque Terre

For a taste of romance and la dolce vita, a yachting holiday in Cinque Terre is as idyllic as it gets.  Consisting of five charming seaside villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, that sit perfectly perched along a ten-mile stretch of the Italian Riviera coastline, this exclusive Mediterranean yacht charter destination boasts of a rich history, dramatic hillside backdrops, and tons of charm. Continue reading

All Aboard for Romantic Travels in Italy

No place else on earth is more romantic and seductive than Italy.  If you are looking to set the mood for love, exploring the spectacular coastal regions of this stunning Mediterranean yachting destination onboard a private luxury charter yacht charter, is beyond compare.  Everything from the jaw-dropping beautiful landscapes, to the glorious architecture, to the rich food, was designed to delight the senses.  Here are a few special places to enjoy la dolce vita with your loved one.  Continue reading

Pleasurable Pursuits in Portofino – An Italian Riviera Yachting Respite

A haven of picturesque charm and serene natural beauty, the harbor town of Portofino with its dramatic tree-lined cliffs, azure seas, and warm sunny weather, has undeniably become a favorite summer yachting destination amongst those seeking a private relaxing getaway.   Originally a small fishing village,  the postcard-perfect town delivers a true taste of “la dolce vita” with spectacular vistas, exceptional sights, indulgent experiences, and genuinely warm Italian hospitality. Continue reading

Live La Dolce Vita on a 7 Night Yachting Holiday from Calvi to Portofino

The Italian Riviera offers a world of unparalleled seaside splendor and endless opportunities to enjoy the finer things in life, making for one truly idyllic yacht charter destination.  Explore this spectacular region which is full of charm and boasts of picturesque ports, quaint villages, and outstanding landscapes on a 7 night yacht charter vacation from Calvi to Portifino.

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