10 Days of Sun-Kissed Bliss on a Charter Vacation in Malaysia and Thailand

Malaysia and Thailand are mystical cruising grounds for all charter guests wishing to explore beyond the most popular charter zones. They are rapidly gaining charter aficionados who admire the region’s robust beauty, excellent sailing conditions, perfect crystalline waters for swimming and diving, friendly locals and fabulous fare. Let Sunreef Yachts Charter take you on an unforgettable cruise from Langkawi in Malaysia to Phuket in Thailand. Continue reading

7-Day Luxury Retreat in Phuket and Langkawi

With year-round sailing conditions around Langkawi in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand, your luxury charter retreat in the lush region will be one adventure to remember forever. Whether you wish to visit secluded anchorages, go scuba diving, swim in sparkling waters, enjoy elephant rides on the beach or in the forest or go rock-climbing, both Malaysia and Thailand will be excellent.

Pack your bags and prepare to explore this Southeast Asian slice of paradise aboard an elegant charter yacht. Continue reading

Embark on a Yacht Charter Vacation in Majestic Malaysia that Will Leave You Spellbound

One of Southeast Asia’s most alluring charter destinations, bountiful Malaysia is well-worth exploring during a luxury charter vacation among family or friends. Part of this genuine mingle of cultures is located on a peninsula in mainland Asia, with the other part on the island of Borneo. The country is blessed with a generous number of islands, islets and sheltered coves that are a splendid charter ground for a high-performance catamaran, elegant mega yacht, swift power boat or classic sailing yacht.

Malaysia is a culturally wealthy nation offering treasures galore for charter guests to explore during their lavish cruise. Gear up for a relaxing holiday in this exotic slice of paradise whose unsurpassed beauty will enchant you on every step of the way. Malaysia is great to visit year-round, although to make the most out of your holiday, it is best to sail around Langkawi from October to March and the island of Borneo from April to October. Continue reading