The Philippines

The Philippines are an archipelago nation composed of a little over 7,100 islands,
a traditional focal point on the world map with intertwining trade routes and mingling cultures that was influenced in the past by Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians and Americans somehow playing a part in the native Filipinos’ life.

Although of great and incontestable charm, the country has only been emerging as one of the world’s best leisure destinations due to the Philippines’ turbulent political past, leaving many of the natural sights pure and untouched by tourism. Powdery white beaches,
a unique vibrant coral reef, countless landmarks, fresh seafood, gourmet restaurants and a rich culture… it seems that the Philippine islands were created for luxury charter adventures. Rarely is there so much to explore in one country and the Philippines is abundant in barracudas, whale sharks, Philippine tarsiers (the world’s smallest primates), flying lemurs or the beautiful Magellan birdwing butterflies.

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