Mythical Thailand

Thailand is to South East Asia what the Caribbean region is to the Americas- the hub of yachting. Located in the heart of the continent, Thailand lies on the Andaman Sea, the most famous sailing ground in the region and with 2000 miles of coast, the country is an utter paradise for all yachting amateurs. Picture-perfect islands, lush and tempting jungle and nestled lagoons are natural wonders awaiting each visitor to the region who wants to see beyond prominent stereotypes that keep many at bay.

Thailand sports a hot climate making it a dream destination for a luxury charter vacation. Most of Thailand lies in the topical wet and dry climate while the charter-friendly southern and eastern tip of the country’s eastern region lies in the tropical monsoon climate which only means to say that the best time to sail the region are the months of November through April.

Hop on board with Sunreef Yachts Charter for a winter charter in Thailand and be dazzled by this mysterious, quaint and immaculate land.

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Planning Your First Charter Vacation? Make Sure to Consult Our Charter Guide!

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