St. Thomas – A Wondrous, Intoxicating, and Alluring Tropical Sanctuary

The charmed island of St. Thomas is a tropical oasis that has been luring visitors to her sun-soaked shores for decades.   With breathtaking panoramas featuring sugary white sand beaches, rolling green hills, and glimmering bays, the hypnotizing beauty of this Caribbean charter destination is simply divine.  Part of the US Virgin Islands, the 32-square-mile island is one of the loveliest stretches of land in the Caribbean, but it is not its scenery alone that makes visitors keep coming back.    Influenced by the English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Danish the fascinating history and vibrant culture that has evolved in St. Thomas lends to a uniqueness not found in other Caribbean locales.  The island also offers much in the area of fun with activities and attractions geared towards watersport enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and history buffs. Continue reading