Sweet Retreat in Montenegro? Porto Montenegro Marina at Your Service!

Mooring your luxury charter yacht in the perfect marina is part of what makes a successful charter vacation and because we want our guests to enjoy their stay onboard as much as possible without having to worry about down-to-earth concerns during their charter, our Captains arrange  dockage only in the finest marinas offering a wide range of amenities for their yachts.

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Discover the Ever Tempting Greece During Your Luxury Charter Getaway

Greece has long been known as an opulent and enchanting land luring visitors with omnipresent rich heritage, majestic antique monuments, a favorable Mediterranean climate, dramatic and steep bluffs, a multitude of quaint islands, stretching vineyards and citrus fields, exquisite local cuisine and glimmering waters. The Greek Islands will be the perfect backdrop for the luxury charter vacation of your dreams as you soak in the atmosphere of Greece’s ancient splendor shadowed in the country’s rich culture. Your luxury charter yacht will take you on an unforgettable adventure entwined with delicious flavors and fragrances stimulating the five senses. Hop onboard with Sunreef Yachts Charter!

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7-Night Luxury Charter Itinerary in the Balearics

The Balearic Islands are the West Med’s land of plenty where guests will marvel at the islands’ rustic beauty as well as a contemporary cosmopolitan feel. While Ibiza has a reputation of being Europe’s biggest partying destination, there is much more to the island than a bustling nightlife and together with Mallorca and Menorca, this charming Mediterranean slice of paradise has emerged as one of the world’s most fashionable luxury charter destination. Let Sunreef Yachts Charter take you on a magnificent journey to this picturesque and awe-inspiring land.

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Meet the crew of SKYLARK

Luxury catamaran SKYLARK is the newest addition to the Sunreef Yachts Charter fleet and we take the opportunity to present you with her top-notch crew, Captain Jez Fletcher and Chef Caro Uy. This always cordial and friendly close-knit team is devoted to excellence and their passion for traveling and the open seas has taken them to remote places around the world. Now they are up for a new seafaring adventure aboard this high performance power catamaran and are already anticipating treating guests to a royal service.

Do you have a personal favorite destination?

Jez: BVI. It is a beautiful and varied destination with small safe anchorages.
Caro: Corsica in the Med, and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. Jez speaks from the point of view of a captain while I am interested in provisioning. Corsica is a spectacular destination with its craggy coastline and wonderful produce: the maquis (wild herbs), fig trees, chestnuts and olive oil that add a unique tint of flavor to my dishes. The Grenadines offer unique fragrant bay leaf varieties, fresh spices and great lobster, plus friendly local culture and stunning anchorages.

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14-Day Luxury Charter Itinerary on the Adriatic Coast In Croatia and Montenegro

Located on the Adriatic Coast, the beautiful countries of Croatia and Montenegro have been emerging these past few years as Europe’s best luxury charter hotspots offering idyllic shores, antique architecture, remarkable scenery and plenty of on-shore entertainment. This part of the Old Continent is fortunate to be sporting verdant mountain tops stretching to the azure blue skies, immaculate beaches and clear sparkling waters. The Balkan countryside is blessed with stone walls and fortifications and with a generous Mediterranean climate and over 1 185 islands to explore along Croatia’s coast, this destination is luring for a one of a kind adventure in the sun!

Day 1: Kotor

Commence your brilliant nautical adventure in Montenegro by embarking on your luxury charter yacht in the beautiful coastal city of Kotor where you will be spending the night. The city lies only 3 miles away from the Tivat Airport offering daily flight connections to Europe’s busiest airports. Located in one of the country’s most beautiful bays, this ancient city of merchants and sailors will be the perfect place to start your luxury charter vacation with the Porto Montenegro Marina readily offering the utmost of amenities for your yacht.

The Old City dates back to the 12th century and the well-preserved Medieval architecture are the reason for which Kotor is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With winding cobblestone streets, red-roofed houses, old squares, busy markets as well as majestic cathedrals, it is without surprise that this awe-inspiring city lures visitors longing for a genuine Montenegrin experience. Kotor sports many nooks to explore during your charter and with a vibrant nightlife, your first night in Montenegro will be truly unforgettable!

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Luxury Yacht Charter in Sardinia: Playground of Princes


Stimulating and relaxing, upscale and artisan, ancient and high tech, vibrant and pristine, Sardinia is an island of complimentary contradictions. A luxury yacht charter to enchanting ports of call on Sardinia and the surrounding islands is a unique and unforgettable journey. The stunning coastline will lure your luxury sailing yacht through crystalline seas to a pink and golden shore.

Meld into this summer destination of billionaires, super models, celebrities and royalty, who relish being a part of the glamorous scene. Seaside resort towns, such as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, are lined with shops from the famous Italian houses of Gucci, Armani, Prada, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana. Evenings are spent sipping champagne at the posh Costa Smeralda Yacht Club or the exclusive Billionaires Club, prestigious establishments patronized by an assortment of jetsetters from around the world.

Charter guests can board their elegant charter yachts to easily escape the glitz and glitterati by sailing to one of many deserted beaches and pristine bays, or a marine park teaming with life or a nature preserves of breathtaking beauty. Set the course of your deluxe sailing yacht to explore the Neptune Caves in the north of Capo Caccia, or Bosa, a medieval town of architectural and cultural interest. Make time for a scenic drive through Sardinia’s interior, with snow capped mountain peaks, fragrant citrus valleys, and sweeping pasturelands.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is a point of embarkation, or a must-experience port of call, for luxury yacht charters in Sardinia. This modern resort was fashioned to fit the vision of the jet-setting Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, who, bewitched by the translucent green waters of the island’s northeast region, purchased miles of coastal land from the locals, hired top international architects and designers, and created a medieval-Moorish style village.

The village is in the Old Port, Porto Vecchio, on the southeastern side of the harbor, and the Porto Cervo Spa, with its outstanding charter yacht amenities, is on the northern side of the harbor. Explore the narrow streets of the Piazzetta, with designer boutiques, contemporary galleries, upscale restaurants, champagne bars and trendy nightclubs. Visit Stella Maris, a beautiful little white church containing a painting that is thought by many experts to be an El Greco.

The prince’s dream development also includes a world-class golf facility, private villas and extravagant resort hotels, such as the Hotel Cala di Volpe. Featured in the 1977 James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” the hotel offers a Presidential Suite at the rate of $32,736 per night, which ranks it number 7 of the “World’s 15 most expensive hotel suites” complied by CNN Go in 2012.

With required reservations, charter sailing yachts and luxury superyachts dock at the exclusive Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS), which has superb amenities. The iconic Yacht Club hosts races and regattas throughout the sailing season, including the spectacular, biannual, Perini Navi Cup, an event generally exclusive to owners, but there are Perini Navi charter yachts that participate. The 2012 Audi Sardinia Cup, organized by the YCCS in conjunction with the TP52 Class and with the support of the European Soto40 Class, will be sailed in the waters of Porto Cervo between the 12th and the 17th June 2012.

A visit on a luxury yacht charter to Porto Cervo waters is an unforgettable experience. Whether crewing a race, appreciating the beautiful scenery from the sundeck, or being lavishly indulgent in town, this premier yachting destination is not to be missed.

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo, a seaside village a few kilometers from Olbia, is another one of Italy’s premier yachting centers, a renowned luxury vacation destination and magnet for high-end yachting aficionados. Similar to the flourishing of Porto Cevo, it too was launched in the 1960s. Prominent architect, Luigi Vietti and his team of developers, constructed world-class marinas, resorts, boutiques and amenities targeting the well heeled holidaymaker. Porto Rotondo has a chic nautical ambience with a sophisticated, upscale atmosphere that is slightly less frenetic and a bit more intimate than Porto Cervo, with first rate facilities, spectacular beaches and unforgettable cruising grounds.

Noteworthy architects have contributed to the design and buildings of the village of Porto Rotondo, including artist Andrea Cascella, responsible for the controversial Church of St. Lorenzo (patron saint of cooks), which resembles an overturned hull. Inside, 200 remarkable wooden statues representing sacred scenes are aglow in votive candlelight. There is also a stately amphitheater built entirely of granite that offers lively summertime concerts and cultural events.


Olbia is the main connection between Sardinia and the Italian peninsula, and the most convenient airport for embarking on a luxury yacht charter from Porto Cervo. Olbia has a very ancient history and archeological findings suggest that the port was possibly founded by the Punics, The city and environs contain ruins dating from Phoenician and Carthaginian settlements to the Roman Era and the Middle Ages. History buffs should hop on the tender of their charter yacht for a shore excursion to visit the National Archeological Museum.


Whether your charter party requires a superb megayacht, a luxury crewed catamaran, or a performance sailing yachtSunreef Yachts Charter experts will find the perfect yacht and crew.

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Luxury Yacht Charter in Corsica: the Scented Isle Beckons with Distinctive Charm and Character


As your luxury charter yacht draws near the plunging cliffs and glistening beaches of Corsica, there are several chic seaside towns worth exploring. Corsica combines the best of Italy and France with stylish resorts and dramatic mountain ranges.

The mountains of Corsica are ideal for hiking; the most famous and challenging is the legendary GR20 trail that cuts through the high central mountain peaks, often snow covered until June. Visit a local shop to sample the mouth watering assortment of cheeses and charcuteries found almost everywhere on the island. Try something different and uniquely regional such as the cannelloni al brocciu (a pasta dish) and fiadone (a type of cheesecake); both of which use the island cheese brocciu.

Circumnavigate around Corsica’s 1000km of shoreline on board superb megayacht and discover picturesque seaport towns like Ajaccio, dramatic plunging cliffs at Golfe de Porto and sparkling beaches and bays at Calvi. At the southern tip, Bonifacio, with its serrated limestone cliffs and cliff-top citadel, is the departure point for your luxury charter to head to Sardinia, Italy, and an entirely different world.


Ajaccio is the island’s capital and is most famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Visitors will be immersed in the city’s unique historical palaces and buildings, winding Genoese alleys and fascinating museums. Take a stroll to Place Foch, a beautiful oblong square shaded by palm trees and surrounded by charming restaurants. Sample local delicacies and do a bit of people watching. Or return after dinner on board your deluxe charter yacht to enjoy the summer evening in Ajaccio, when the bars invade the walkways and bands play everywhere, and everyone dances in the streets.

Dockage is readily available for luxury charter vessels at the Bonifacio marina. From the deck of your charter yacht, marvel at the medieval style houses on the edges of the limestone cliffs. Throughout the island guests can view the spectacular wine vineyards; grape cultivation of Corsica dates back over 3,000 years.


Propriano lies at the head of the Valinco Gulf and is now one of the most popular resorts in Corsica, due to the numerous beautiful beaches that are close by including the Plage de Lido, just 1 km from the town. The crew can navigate your elegant sailing yacht from beach to beach, for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing or playing in the sand. The coast north of the town is very built up and the renowned village of Campomoro is nearby, with its fine beach and lovely setting, it is always a very popular place with visitors to this region of Corsica.


Bonifacio is separated from Sardinia by the picturesque Strait of Bonifacio that encompasses a marine park and a nature reserve and makes for a fascinating day of sailing aboard a luxury charter yacht. Bonifacio has the best and only harbor on the southern coast of Corsica and due to its strategic position on the Bay of Bonifacio has a remarkable past that includes two prehistoric sites, the earliest has been carbon dated to 6570 BC.

The town’s charm and proximity to idyllic beaches make it a popular tourist destination in the summer, with many vacationers arriving from mainland France. Bonifaccio is a town of immense charm and a wonderful destination to embark on a yacht charter or to incorporate as a stop on an itinerary. There are plenty of shops to visit and the regional cuisine is worth sampling if you venture to any of the colorful local bars and restaurants.


Porto-Vecchio is a popular seaside resort town overlooking a lovely harbor that is ideal for docking all types of charter yachts from head turning sailing superyachts to high performance power yachts. Originally built on salt marshes, salt continues to play an important role in the town and if you visit in September you can still witness the annual salt harvest from the Porte Gènoise.

Porto Vecchio is renowned for beautiful beaches and coastline just south of the town. The town boasts an attractive and busy marina with cafes and restaurants overlooking the harbor. The old town next to the Place de la Republique has some lovely ancient buildings pressing in on narrow streets. During the summer evenings especially, the streets of the old town come to life with music and entertainment and many Italians come to enjoy their holidays here.

Porto-Vecchio makes a fine base for exploring this part of Corsica on board a luxury catamaran. Palombaggia is a beach internationally renowned for its beauty. The mountainous landscape behind Porto-Vecchio has breathtaking scenery to explore, with craggy mountain tops, parasol pine woods and sparkling mountain lakes.


Bastia is the principal port of the island and its principal commercial town, especially famous for its wines. There are three sections of particular interest to visitors: the old town, the citadel, and the old harbor.

The old town has an alluring charm defined by narrow streets and alleys lined with tall, crumbling buildings, dating largely from the 18th century and the old port that contrasts dramatically with the spectacular yachts moored in the harbor. Imagine that Victor Hugo lived here as a child. The walk to the citadel passes by the gardens and once posh houses of the Terra Nova district. Within the citadel of interest are the grand Governor’s Palace, the church of Sainte-Marie de l’Assomption and the Oratoire-Sainte-Croix.

The old harbor has many bars and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. For a quieter evening, the promenading along the front and the Quai des Martyrs de la Liberation provide beautiful views of the harbor.

To the north of Bastia is Cap Corse, an interesting peninsula to explore with small fishing villages attractively set against a backdrop of mountains that run along the middle of the peninsula. Many of the villages are in remarkable craggy and picturesque settings, and there are several splendid viewpoints as around the peninsula, and also a few good beaches en route.


L’Ile-Rousse has a planned layout of straight streets, lined with expensive boutiques and restaurants, and exudes sophistication. The town is in a splendid setting, with popular Plage de Rindara beach to the south and scenic rocky islands to the north. The architecture here largely dates from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Disembark from your elegant power catamaran and enjoy a leisurely stroll through this very pleasant town.

The centre of the town is at Place Paoli, where a pleasant covered market offers interesting local fare and cooling shade under the palm trees. Central to both old and new towns, the old town, with its paved streets and old houses will be of most interest to visitors.


Whether your charter party requires a superb megayacht, a luxury crewed catamaran, or a performance sailing yachtSunreef Yachts Charter experts will find the perfect yacht and crew.

Contact a Sunreef Yachts Charter professional for a comprehensive selection of charter yachts available in destinations worldwide.

Discover the Most Prestigious Luxury Yacht Charter Destination: The French Riviera/Côte d’Azur

The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d’Azur, is internationally famous as one of the most prestigious yachting destinations in the world. From the Casino of Monte Carlo and luxury megayachts of Monaco, to the festivals and promenade of Cannes, to the Old Town and museums of Antibes, to the beaches and shops of St Tropez, the French Riviera beckons with infinite allure.
In the summer months, nearly every coastal town on the French Riviera has a harbor with shoulder to shoulder, head turning superyachts whose owners and guests represent international wealth, celebrity and privilege. These amazing ports of call are available whether you and your charter party require a superb megayacht, luxury crewed catamaran, performance sailing yacht, Sunreef charter experts will find the ideal charter yacht for you to explore these fascinating destinations.

The French Riviera encompasses the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France, including the sovereign state of Monaco, from the Italian border in the east to Saint-Tropez and Hyères in the west. Whether clients opt to board their luxury superyacht in Cannes, a chic power catamaran in Saint-Tropez, or a classic sailing yacht in Monaco, an itinerary can easily reach all of these storied coastal towns.

The region, which has been populated since paleolithic times, began to flourish during the 18th century as an exceedingly fashionable, elite vacation destination. The mild, dry climate lured members of the British upper class in the late 18th century as a winter health resort. The arrival of the railway in the mid-19th century gave easy access to this international playground of royalty and aristocrats. In the first half of the 20th century, the Côte d’Azur became a mecca for artists and writers as well; Picasso, Matisse, Maughm and Huxley, to name a few.

In the 1950s, villages and towns along the picturesque Mediterranean coast became must-have locations for the second estates of foreign celebrities and privileged others. To this day, offering some of the most expensive real estate on the planet, wealthy foreigners continue to purchase property and to play a vital role, indelibly interwoven into the Riviera’s economy and social fabric.


Hyères, the oldest resort on the French Riviera, has attracted a significant British aristocratic presence dating back to the mid 18th century, including stays by Queen Victoria. Today this vibrant town is the site of the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, a huge fashion and art photography event that has taken place annually at the end of April since 1985. The prestigious festival attracts cutting-edge artists worldwide and was among the first venues to recognize the talents of the Amsterdam-based fashion house Viktor & Rolf.  The city also plays host to the annual MIDI French Riviera Festival in July, a music festival now into its sixth episode.

There are many event charter yachts that are ideal for these festivals, as well as the many other important events that take place on the French Riviera each year. A luxury charter yacht is perfect as a hospitality suite for static charters, for corporate entertaining and as a sophisticated means to mix business with pleasure.


Legend has it that when Napoleon arrived here he heaved a sigh and dubbed the town the beautiful-place-by-the-sea, and so named this enchanting village that is situated between Nice and Monaco. Toward the end of the 19th century, as the Côte d’Azur developed into a world class destination for the wealthy, Beaulieu-sur-Mer became a favorite residence for European royalty and rich Americans. Isaac Singer, founder of the Singer sewing machine company, and eccentric James Gordon Bennett, Jr., publisher of the New York Herald, are just two of many well to do families that chose this location to build fabulous estates, still in evidence today.

Plan to disembark from your deluxe sailing catamaran or sporty power yacht to stroll around Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a real thrill to history buffs and enthusiasts of period residential architecture.  The Port de Beaulieu is always dotted with luxury superyachts and the convenient marina offers general yachting services.


Villefranche-sur-Mer adjoins the city of Nice to the east along Mont Boron, Mont Alban and Mont Vinaigrier, and lies about six miles south west of Monaco. The bay of Villefranche is one of the deepest natural harbors of any port in the Mediterranean Sea providing superb passage and anchorage for deep draft megayachts. The port, which was created in 1295 by Charles d’Anjou, is a charming place for the crew to dock your beautiful sailing yacht or power catamaran for the afternoon or overnight.

Popular with writers such as Katherine Mansfield and Aldous Huxley, Villefranche continues as a haven for creative artists who occupy quaint little houses reached by narrow alleyways that climb the hillside. Two of the more recent celebrities who have bought villas in the area are Tina Turner and Bono, and local venues accrue an eclectic mix of interesting personalities.

This picturesque medieval setting of red tile roofs and narrow cobblestone streets has also been the backdrop to many movies including; Captain Horatio Hornblower, Adventures of Captain Fabian, To Catch a Thief , The Count of Monte Cristo, An Affair to Remember, The Madwoman of Chaillot, Never Say Never Again, The Jewel of the Nile, The Bourne Identity, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and countless video clips and commercials.

Cap d’Ail

Cap d’Ail is a modern, thriving seaside resort with a lively shopping district on the Basse Corniche and quiet, fashionable residential quarters popular with commuters from Monaco. Plage la Mala is a glamorous beach inaugurated in 1933 in memory of the dancer Mala Kchessinska. Legend has it that here she strolled arm in arm with her lover, Tzar Nicolas II, the last Russian Tzar.

Ranked one of the best beaches on the Côte d’Azur, Mala is the perfect spot to dock your charter superyacht or sublime power catamaran for a leisurely afternoon swim. Venture into town for evening cocktails in a delightfully friendly party atmosphere after sundown. Although you are unlikely to rub shoulder’s with Cap d’Ail’s cherished noble lineage who have passed, the ancient line is carried on today by Le Haut Duc Vincent Mondiot.


Antibes is a favorite destination for luxury charter yachts. Located between Cannes and Nice, there are no less than 48 beaches along the 25 km of coastline that surround Antibes and Juan les Pins. This is a delightful area for the crew of your beautiful sailing yacht to take you exploring by tender.

For knowledge seekers, there are five museums in Antibes. Pablo Picasso spent six months here visiting a friend in 1946 and donated several works to the municipality that are kept in the Picasso Museum located in the restored Chateau Grimaldi. Of a more exotic bent, the Absinthe Museum is dedicated to the appreciation of this infamous liqueur. Follow up with a visit to the Absinthe Bar La Balade, a unique opportunity for those who dare to try this mysterious green liqueur, illegal in most places for its reputation to cause insanity.

Antibes offers excellent shopping in trendy boutiques, and in the old town a number of galleries include paintings of local scenes. If your charter power catamaran is docked in the harbor, a covered market nearby offers an enticing selection of meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. Here, gourmet restaurants feature traditional French cuisine as well as local specials focusing on fresh seafood and produce from Provence.

In April, the annual Antibes Yacht Show is dedicated to the brokerage and charter of larger yachts and in June, the Voiles d’Antibes is one of the world’s biggest gatherings of old teak and brass sailing vessels that converge on the port for one of the most regal regattas in the Mediterranean.


Nice is the second most popular tourist destination after Paris and the largest city in the French Riviera. The town changed hands many times, contributing to an architecturally and culturally rich heritage. Its strategic location and port gave the town great maritime strength throughout its history and today provide superb facilities for many magnificent charter megayachts, crewed catamaran, elegant sailing yachts and performance power yachts.

For visitors interested in archeology and history, one of the oldest human settlements in the world, Terra-Amata, is situated near Nice and dates from the Lower Paleolithic period. Since the 2nd century AD, the splendor of the city has attracted many famous painters and sculptors including Chagall and Matisse, and inspired composers and intellectuals such as Berloz, Rossini and Nietzche. Nice has numerous museums of all kinds, including an interesting Naval Museum.

Being a vacation resort, Nice hosts many festivals throughout the year, such as the colorful Carnaval de Nice, scheduled for February 15-March 6, 2013, and the 8-day long Nice Jazz Festival, attracting legendary jazz performers, it is regarded as one of Europe’s major jazz events.

Sainte Maxime

Just across the gulf from glittering Saint Tropez, plan to dock your luxury charter yacht in the harbor of Sainte Maxime, a captivating city to explore.The old town is lined with shops, markets, restaurants, bars and cafés just opposite the harbor. Stretch your sea legs along the charming shoreline promenade that passes manicured parks where locals compete at the popular French ball game of pétanque.

If your charter yacht is near the pier, head ashore to browse the interesting shops that include several marine shops and an upscale restaurant. Or anchor your stylish charter catamaran off of the city’s sparkling, white sand beaches to enjoy swimming or a visit to the beachfront casino. For lovers of nature, the Botanical Garden has walkways with plaques identifying regional plants and trees. Also, a bit of an excursion will lead you to the forested hills of the Maures mountain range with picturesque walking and hiking trails.


Saint-Tropez is well known today for its famous celebrities and extremely wealthy summertime guests. The playground of jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires, it is renowned as the city where the iconic Bridgitte Bardot was “discovered”. Saint Tropez is considered a world capital of yachting and in the crowded harbor storied superyachts are docked side by side throughout the summer season.

This trendy town is more than glorious sandy beaches and magnificent yachts. Down historic cobbled streets, concealed by rows of cafes and gift shops, are the boutiques of some of the world’s greatest fashion designers. In the history of modern art Saint-Tropez also plays a major role, as the location where Pointillism and Fauvism emerged, Saint-Tropez has served as inspiration to legendary painters as well as fine artists of today.

Each September yachting enthusiasts anticipate Les Voiles de St. Tropez, a world-famous regatta held at the end of the month. All types of sailing boats, from traditional to modern, compete with each other in this very popular, international event.



The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city state bordered by France on three sides and by the Mediterranean Sea. In 2011, Monaco maintained its status as the world’s most expensive real estate market, at $56,300 per square meter, with the highest rate of millionaires and billionaires per capita.

The architecture of the glamorous Belle Èpoque building and gardens of the Monte Carlo Casino have provided an inspired setting for several James Bond films and should not to be missed by visitors to the city. The beaux arts building was designed by the architect Charles Garnier, who also created the Paris Opera House.

Since 1911, Monaco has attracted crowds of spectators to the Monte Carlo Rally, and since 1955 to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. The Monte Carlo Rally was originally held at the behest of Prince Albert I and is, like the principality’s Grand Prix, organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco. It has long been considered to be one of the toughest and most highly regarded events in rallying. The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world. Magnificent charter yachts available for both of these events provide a superlative platform for spectators.


Nineteenth-century Cannes is still present in the grand villas, built to reflect the wealth and standing of their owners and inspired by anything from medieval castles to Roman villas. In additional to palatial architecture, Cannes is famous for its luxury shops, restaurants and posh hotels. The city hosts the annual Cannes Film Festival, MIDEM, the foremost trade show for the music industry, MIPIM, the worlds largest property-related trade show, and MIPCOM and MIPTV, held in October and April respectively, the world’s most important trade markets for the television industry. In September, the Festival de la Plaisance is a popular event for yachting enthusiasts and is held held in both the Vieux Port and the Port Pierre Canto. The prestigious show brings together key players in pleasure boating and international luxury yachting.

There are many charter yachts available that specialize in event charters and offer a superb option to charter clients to act as hosts during these prestigious events. Highly professional, meticulously trained crews are as adept at catering to large scale affairs as to intimate parties. A luxury charter yacht is perfect as a hospitality suite for static charters, for corporate entertaining and as a sophisticated means to mix business with pleasure.

Whether your charter party requires a superb megayacht, a luxury crewed catamaran, or a performance sailing yachtSunreef Yachts Charter experts will find the perfect yacht and crew.


Contact a Sunreef Yachts Charter professional for a comprehensive selection of charter yachts available in destinations worldwide.


Top Picks for Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charters: The Multi-faceted Italian Riviera, Exploring Superb Culture, Cuisine, Coastline

Portofino Harbor

A mountainous sliver of moon on Italy’s northern coast, known as the Italian Riviera, is defined by picturesque seaside towns, enchanting landscapes, renowned food and wine and a welcoming culture. Centered by Genoa, the Riviera di Ponente or, the coast of the setting sun, extends westward to the French border. The Riviera di Levante or, the coast of the rising sun, runs east from Genoa to Capo Corvo, just south of La Spezia. The Captain of your luxury charter yacht can assist you in creating an itinerary through this top rated charter destination based on the interests of your charter party, from sightseeing to shopping to spelunking. Here we present some of our favorite Riviera ports of call.

SANREMO or SAN REMO is known for its perfect ‘perpetual spring’ climate year around. The town is nestled at the base of the Maritime Alps with peaks that rise a dramatic 1,300 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. Disembark from your deluxe power yacht, play 18 holes at the pro golf course, explore the mountain trails on horseback, or enjoy the waterfront activity with upscale shopping and dining.

This highly cultured city also features performances by their Symphony Orchestra, Municipal Opera, theater groups and hosts many popular events including the spectacular Firework International Contest held annually the second week in August. Whether you have arrived on a head turning superyacht or  a mega sailing yacht, Sanremo Portosole marina has facilities to suit, with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants, boat repair workshop, a ship chandler, qualified outlets for on-board electronics and yacht upholstery and laundry services.

SAVONA is an important stop for history buffs. Disembark from your elegant megayacht and stroll about town. There are many sites in this colorful renaissance town that date largely from the 15th and 16th centuries, including a a medieval fortress, several cathedrals, and perhaps most notably properties linked to Christopher Columbus and his family who lived in Savona when he was a youth. Two sculpture museums and an archaeological museum are located at the fortress.

Nearby, visit another of the town’s rare, preserved 16th-century buildings, the ornate Cattedrale di Nostra Signora Assunta and the Pinatoca Civica Savona museum, which has an impressive collection of 14th and 15th century religious art, as well as two Picasso paintings. Here too, the art galleries, fine boutiques, artisan shops and good restaurants interspersed among vibrantly colored seaside homes make for a delightful shore excursion, even if you only depart your luxury charter megayacht for a brief visit.

GENOA, with its multitude of hidden gems behind cozy alleyways, excellent local cuisine, classic old port, and wonderful sights (including one of Europe’s biggest aquariums) have made the birthplace of explorer Christopher Columbus an enticing port of call. Luxury yacht charter clients that fly into the Aeroporto Genova for embarkation are centrally located in the Riviera and should plan an extra day or two to explore this vibrant city. The major commercial port has facilities for all vessels, so whether you have chartered a superyacht or luxury power catamaran there are first class services available.

With pastel-colored terra cotta-roofed houses, artistic churches, lovely seaside villas, and designer boutiques, Genoa is the quintessential Italy. The historic center is a maze of squares and narrow alleys that front structures of varying centuries and styles, from ancient to medieval to modern. Most of the city’s important monuments have been painstakingly restored and Genova is designated both as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as the European Capital of Culture, along with the French city of Lille.

An event of interest to yachtsmen is the Genoa International Boat Show,  inaugurated in 1962, this event has evolved into one of the largest annually recurring events in Genoa.

PORTOFINO is a mandatory port of call on a luxury charter yacht itinerary in the Italian Riviera, this prototypical Italian fishing village is renowned for its waterfront lined with a continuous ring of shops, restaurants and cafés crowded around the small harbor. This idyllic seaside town has inspired countless paintings as well as full scale replication in settings that include Tokyo DisneySea, and Universal Orlando Resort.

Below the water line, of interest to divers, is the statue of Christ of the Abyss, which was placed in 1954 in the small bay at a depth of 17 meters to protect fishermen and scuba divers. There are also several popular beaches a few minutes along the coast in both directions that are delightful spots to have your superb crewed charter yacht anchored off.

CINQUE TERRE is an extraordinary part of the Italian Riviera coastline that is visually amazing from the sweeping deck of a regal superyacht or an elegantly sporty power yacht. Encompassing five villages and the surrounding hillsides and beaches, the Cinque Terre towns are part of the Cinque Terre National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hikers may opt to walk the entire way from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, where the crew will pick up. This beautiful walk of just a little over 4 ½ hours passes the villages where residents, over the centuries, have constructed precarious houses by terracing the steep cliffs overlooking the sea. To this day these uniquely striking villages cannot be reached by car, the inaccessibility further adding to their distinct charm and making this a truly privileged view for yacht charter clients.


This small seaside resort town, lush with palms that line the harbor, is less trendy than neighboring Portofino and a friendly ambience makes Santa Margherita a more authentically Italian experience. The waterfront features a choice of marinas with docks for private pleasure craft, luxury charter yachts, as well as local fishing boats. Popular cafes are the social focus of the town’s two seaside squares, Piazza Martiri della Liberta and Piazza Vittorio Veneto. For patrons of the arts, a Crucifixion by Van Dyck in the church of San Michele is an added incentive for a visit.

LA SPEZIA is a beautiful town on the Ligurian coast and one of the main Italian military and commercial harbors. There is a very large marina with good facilities that is very popular with both superyachts and sailing yachts.  A rich cultural heritage lives in the medieval castles, Renaissance and Baroque adornments on churches and palaces, the Art Nouveau-style villas, public gardens and numerous interesting museums. The strategic port, settled since prehistoric times, is especially famous to WWII scholars and concentration camp survivors as the «Schàar Zion», meaning Door to Sion. From the summer of 1945 to the spring of 1948 over 23,000 Jews managed to leave Italy from this port clandestinely on ships bound for Palestine.

From the urban bustle of Genoa to the remote and timeless Cinque Terre, a charter yacht adventure through the Italian Riviera holds a fascination for everyone. This is an excellent educational adventure for a family charter, a perfect vacation for friends who enjoy an active charter, and supremely romantic as a honeymoon or anniversary celebration destination.

Whether your charter party requires a superb megayacht, a luxury crewed catamaran, or a performance sailing yacht, Sunreef Yachts Charter experts will find the perfect yacht and crew.

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Mediterranean Top Rated Charter Catamarans: Perfect for Springtime Sailing Through the Most Prestigious Waters in the World

The Mediterranean yacht charter season opened this month with a fabulous array of available luxury charter yachts. While the height of the yacht charter season will be in July and August, spring is an ideal time for a luxury catamaran charter, offering a greater choice of berths and anchorages with fewer tourists onshore. Sail the coast of the French Riviera and discover 100 miles of extravagant and exclusive seaside towns including the famous ports of Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and Saint-Tropez. Select an itinerary through the charming and sophisticated Italian Riviera and experience the culture, history, architecture, sophistication, and stunning beauty that has made the region legendary.  Charter in Croatia through the azure waters of the Dalmatian Islands, explore Spain and the Balearics, succumb to the exotic lure of Turkey and Greece, the cradle of civilization. It is springtime, and every port of call is in bloom.

Croatia, 10 Guests, From €45 000

East/West Med, 12 Guests, €55 000

BRADLEY is a tour de force in both performance and style, this extraordinary power catamaran is a floating estate that excels at live aboard luxury. Interior open architecture creates the ideal space for the entire charter party and multilevel exterior decks accommodate lovers of sun or shade.

IPHARRA evokes a warm and romantic atmosphere throughout. A superb layout, impressive styling, elegant interiors and unparalleled sea keeping ability will impress the most experienced charter clients.

West Med, 8 Guests, From €29 000

NAHEMA IV captures the essence of a classic yacht yet is designed with cutting-edge technology for superior accommodations and excellent sea keeping ability. Nahema IV stows plenty of toys for water sports fun including a 70hp tender that’s great for water-skis, wake board and banana, and for undersea adventure there is snorkeling and diving gear.

East/West Med, 8 Guests, From €30 000

SEAZEN II features sweeping exterior decks for unparalleled outdoor living and a vibrant interior design for an energetic yet serenely balanced atmosphere. SEAZEN II is engineered to impress, achieving excellent stability and thrilling speed without compromise to style and comfort.

West Med, 8 Guests, From €55 000

ALLURES  is a performance sailing yacht built for speed and first class comfort. The ratio of length to beam of this elegant superyacht allows for four exceedingly spacious cabins as well as vast interior social areas and an amazing flybridge for unparalleled live aboard luxury.

West Med, 8 Guests, From €40 000

ABUELO, boasting a dynamic red hull, sporty teardrop windows, sweeping decks and enviable flybridge, commands a bold presence in every port of call. Step aboard this high-tech yacht and be further overawed by the chic European decor and ABUELO‘s welcoming, open floor plan.


West Med, 8 Guests, From €39 000

DAMRAK II has such extraordinary build features, delightful toys and amenities, and highly professional yet completely endearing crew, that it is no wonder loyal repeat clientele book this yacht far in advance. The custom floor plan includes a master cabin with forward views and a spacious VIP cabin, making this an excellent option for two adult charter couples.

Greece, 6 Guests, From €22 500

MISS KIRSTY is the ultimate way to explore breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures in Greece and Turkey, where sailing is an ancient tradition. This Sunreef 62 has three spacious, nearly equal, queen cabins and guests are pampered with fine linens, complimentary bathrobes, deluxe products and first class amenities.

East Med, 8 Guests, From €22 000

IN THE WIND is built for high performance sailing based on optimal hull ratios with lightweight construction in composite materials for extraordinary stability and gripping speed. Creative interiors incorporate traditional Japanese design elements for a sophisticated and balanced ambience that further benefits from inspirational, sweeping views.

Spain/Balearics, 6 Guests, From €23 000

FIREFLY has beautifully appointed, cheerful interiors, but nothing rivals outdoor deck space on this stunning yacht. Guests delight in relaxing on the marvelous flybridge with plush sunpads and banquette seating in either sun or shade, or stretching out on the dual trampolines forward, another favorite spot to enjoy the pleasures of catamaran charter.

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