Embark on a Journey of Discovery this Summer in the Middle East Aboard DAMRAK II

Experience a realm of unparalleled luxury and intrigue in the Middle East this summer aboard Sunreef power catamaran DAMRAK II. A wondrous oasis set amidst mystical red deserts, breathtaking mountain backdrops, and glorious emerald seas, these ancient lands are truly spectacular. From the rugged peaks and whitewashed villages fragrantly perfumed by frankincense in Oman, to the glistening modern skyline anchored by the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, to the to the serene seafront of the Doha Corniche in Qatar, the beauty you behold cruising along the dazzling Persian Gulf shores will fill you with awe. Continue reading

The World is Your Oyster in Qatar – A Middle East Yachting Hot Spot

The Pearl of the Middle East, Qatar is a blossoming five-star luxury charter destination situated along the Arabian Gulf.  East meets West in this progressive nation that is rich in tradition as well as cosmopolitan appeal, offering an intriguing mix of historic and cultural attractions.  Doha, the capital of Qatar is big on natural beauty and modern marvels, boasting of a stunning seaside location and an astounding array of architectural eye candy.  Lovely beaches, expansive golden sand deserts, an iconic art museum, a spectacular artificial island, and a vibrant souq market are just some of the delightful diversions waiting to be experienced in this de rigueur yachting hot spot.   With a plentiful list of things to see and do, the world really is your oyster in Qatar! Continue reading