The Emax Super Marine 45: World’s First High Speed, Zero Carbon, Superyacht Tender

The Emax Solar Hybrid Jet Propelled Tender is powered by twin CMD TDI V6s coupled to GM Allison Hybrid Transmissions. Each 450hp Diesel Electric Power Plant is revolutionary as it weighs no more than its gasoline equivalents while consuming 40% less fuel. The environmentally friendly superyacht tender uses a 32KWh Lithium UPS to achieve speeds up to 25 knots in virtually silent electric mode. At full speed the transmission shifts into low gear, engaging the V6s and loading the Hi-Torque RR Waterjets for rapid acceleration.  Once on plane, the transmission selects the most economical rpm for the load at all speeds up to 80 knots. The 900hp (1160 ft. lbs of torque) Carbon Epoxy Super Marine 45 is the fastest most powerful tender in the world and significantly greener than other tenders in her class.

The Emax uses the same dual mode Electrically Variable Transmission, for excellent economy and performance, as thousands of hybrid buses the world over, the GM fleet of Hybrid pickup trucks, the Hybrid Cadillac Escalade and the Hybrid Bluetec S Class Mercedes Benz. Whether shuttling passengers and supplies back and forth or embarking on an exhilarating adventure, the chic teak decked Super Marine 45 seats up to 10 people, plus 4 sunbathers on the sun bed. In the cabin is a shower room with stand-up head, double bed, kitchenette with fridge/freezer, stove and microwave. The foredeck table is ideal for a buffet or al fresco dining for six guests.

As a jet propelled Zero Carbon recreational watercraft she is the safest and by far the most Eco Friendly boat of her kind. The EPA estimates that registered recreational boats in the USA produce a staggering 330 million metric tons of CO2 per year. Switching from gasoline to Emax Solar Hybrid propulsion can reduce that figure by over 50% thereby reducing global warming pollution by more than 160 million metric tons per year.


LOA 45’ / Beam 10.5’ / Draft 2’

Standard Power: (2) Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD) TDI 4.2 V8 – 700hp

Optional Hybrid Power. (2) CMD 3 liter TDI V6/GM Allison Hybrid – 900hp

UPS 32KWh; Valence Technology

Drives; (2) Rolls Royce  FF Series WaterJets

Construction: Ned Ship Epoxy Carbon Fiber

Zero Carbon Cruise: 25 knots

Standard Cruise: 55 knots

Max Speed: 80 knots

Price:  700hp €605,000

900hp Solar Hybrid €645,000

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