Chartering a Yacht in Indonesia – A Land of Beauty and Adventures of Unparalleled Proportions

A beguiling yacht charter destination with pristine natural scenery, picturesque beaches and mythical ancient shrines, Indonesia is a spiritual paradise blessed with beauty and adventures of unparalleled proportions.  The spectacular archipelago is the largest in the world and her lush verdant lands of rainforests, hills, rivers, volcanoes and rice paddy fields, stretches over 3,400 miles with nearly 18,000 islands to explore. With a diverse range of cultures, traditions, and exquisite flora and fauna, a yachting holiday in Indonesia is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The exquisite tropical island nation of Indonesia has many exotic and alluring yachting spots to travel to, each offering exceptional escapades on land and sea. Journey to this much sought-after corner of the world aboard a charter mega yacht, charter sailing yacht, or charter catamaran for the vacation of a lifetime and leave forever changed. Visit Bali for the ultimate in barefoot luxury, Maluku for her pristine beaches or Sulawesi for an underwater utopia that caters to dive enthusiasts. Adventurous souls will want to stop at the mysterious Komodo Island for an up close and personal encounter with the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard species in the world, while history buffs will find great interest exploring the sacred heritage sites of Java. Continue reading