The Caribbean Racing and Regatta Circuit – Highlights of the Season

Each year in the Caribbean, yachting enthusiasts eagerly look forward to winter and early spring in which a full calendar jam-packed with thrilling racing and regatta events equates to an exciting time for participants and spectators alike.  The events which are held in the most idyllic tropical locales offer attendees the opportunity to get together, enjoy some friendly competition, celebrate, and most importantly, show their appreciation for the spirited sport of yachting.

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Perfect for those that want an exhilarating yachting holiday, chartering a mega yacht, sailing yacht, luxury catamaran, or power boat, for an event on the Caribbean racing and regatta circuit, affords an exceptional experience to get close to the action and take part in the fun-filled festivities.  Listed below are some of the upcoming sailing events and regattas for which Sunreef Yachts Charter has a wonderful selection of stunning charter yachts available:




Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados                     01/15 – 01/24                    Barbados

The Superyacht Challenge                                 01/30 – 02/02                     Antigua



RC44 Virgin Gorda Cup                                      02/12 – 02/16                     Virgin Gorda

Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Regatta                       02/14 – 02/16                     Antigua

RORC Caribbean 600                                        02/24 – 02/28                     Antigua



Tobago Carnival Regatta                                         03/03 – 03/04                     Tobago

Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta            03/19 – 03/22                     Virgin Gorda

St Barth’s Bucket                                                     03/27 – 03/30                    St. Barth

International Rolex Regatta                                     03/28 – 03/30                     St. Thomas

BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival                     03/31 – 04/06                     Tortola, BVI



Les Voiles de Saint Barth                                         04/14 – 04/19                    St. Barth

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta                                04/17 – 04/22                     Antigua

Antigua Sailing Week                                               04/26 – 05/02                    Antigua

If you are interested in chartering a yacht for a Caribbean race and regatta event, please contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at


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