The Caribbean’s Crème de la Crème Award Winning Charter Yacht Chefs

Every year, one of the highlights of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show is the Chef’s Competition.   For the 16th annual edition, chefs were challenged with the task of creating a traditional Christmas lunch from the country of their choice with a Caribbean twist in their use of ingredients and presentation.  Many talented Caribbean yacht charter chefs stepped up to the plate, here are the winners:

Winners of the 16th Annual Chef Competition

Yachts up to 125 feet
1st place  ZEEPARD Chef Michelle Bonetti
2nd place ANDIAMO  Chef Eric Davis
3rd place BAMARANDI  Chef Audrey Harper
Table display went to : ZEEPARD

Yachts from 126 to 159 feet
1st place   LADY J Chef  Ben Dineen
2nd place HYPERION Chef Shantala
3rd place SCORPION  Chef Jilies Kuppens
Table display went to: MIM

Yachts 160 feet and up
1st place INCEPTION Chef Scott Dickson
2nd place SEAWOLF  Chef Diego Andra
3rd place AMARYLLIS  Chef Leishan Van Denberg
Table display went to: SEAWOLF

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