The Hottest Yacht Charter Destinations for 2016

2016 has arrived and we have the hottest yacht charter destinations to travel to this year!  From unique cultural experiences and sublime sights to the quintessential tropical getaway we have a great list of intriguing locales that are perfect for your next yachting holiday:


Visiting the dazzling SE Asia yacht charter destination of Mynamar is an enlightening experience offering diverse attractions such as gilded pagodas, vibrant street bazaars, and astounding ancient Buddhist temples.


With its dramatic backdrops, fjord-like bays, and romantic seaside villages distinguished by their cobble-stoned streets, delightful palazzos, and quaint shops and cafes, Montenegro is a picture-perfect yacht charter destination.


A tiny island paradise just over four miles long and about a mile wide, Boracay boasts of a serene laid-back vibe, sensational white-sand beaches, and lots of options to enjoy watersport activities,


An up and coming destination now that US travel sanctions have been lifted, Cuba promises to entice yacht charter guests with its heavenly Caribbean beaches, intriguing culture, beautiful architecture


For an extraordinary yachting holiday, Iceland is a jaw-dropping locale with sublime landscapes comprised of cascading waterfalls, icy glaciers, volcanoes, and striking black-sand beaches.

For assistance planning a customized yacht charter vacation in any of the yacht charter destinations on our 2016 hot list, please contact Sunreef Yachts Charter at

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