Water Toys for Outdoor Fun – Part II


The Jetsurf offers the best of both surf boards and jet skis. The board is capable of carrying all water sports enthusiasts at a thrilling speed of 35 miles per hour in full security. The two-stroke engine powers a jet propulsion system instead of a classic propeller, making the board an impeccable water toy for all the brave souls desiring nothing more than a thrilling swift glide and warm water splashing in their face.

JetLev Flyer

Expect the unexpected with this personal jet pack during your luxury charter vacation. With the JetLev Flyer able to fly as high as 30 feet at a tremendous speed of 30 miles per hour, it is not impossible to race even with yacht tenders. Experience an exhilarating adventure above the water mark as you taste the freedom of flying, a dream well-known to humans since Deadalus’ Antiquity.

Thanks to the toy’s irreproachable design, controlling the flight is effortless and simple while the highest level of safety and performance is possible through quality materials and workmanship. With refueling required approximately every 3 hours, the toy provides you with the utmost in cruising while special features allow for reaching higher altitudes, maximum speeds, extended range and operations above as well as below the surface.

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The Subwing is a brand new water toy recently launched in 2011 that has already been emerging as the newest “it” toy during luxury charter holidays. The Subwing is nothing more than two independently rotating wings connected together that passengers hold on to while being towed behind a boat, promising a unique and enticing adventure of submarine flying. Explore the seas and rich aqua life while experiencing the thrill and freedom of flying underwater! Glide swiftly through the seas and feel the transparent water brushing your skin as you stay in proximity of vibrant fish and marine flora. This incredible water toy is sure to find many aficionados among luxury charter guests for whom aquatic adventures just found a brand new meaning.

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No luxury yacht charter is complete without a tender or dinghy onboard. Used primarily for commuting back and forth to the yacht, this essential water equipment transports guests ashore for an excursion around the area or to a remote beach or cove for an intimate sunbath, a leisurely stroll on the beach or an active diving afternoon. With ample space to transport all of the necessary equipment for an exciting submarine session, tenders and dinghies are also perfect for towing guests on a wakeboard or a water ski. No tender, no fun!


Jet skis are undoubtedly one of the most popular water toys among charter guests and rightfully so. Gliding through the water and jumping at the waves is always fun and leaves guests coming back for more. Choose jet skis for a thrilling ride at full throttle, the wind and splashing water in your face.

Inflatable Catamaran

This water toy is the smaller sister version of the sport sailing catamaran that brings not only excitement and fun to your luxury charter vacation but the inflatable is also easily operated and transported with comfortable stowage. Offering the utmost in speed and efficiency, the inflatable sailing catamaran will take you on a tranquil sail through the open seas or a more vigorous one delivering the pleasure of sailing accompanied by the thrill of the unknown. This one-of-a-kind water toy will leave you enchanted by azure blue waters and always on the lookout for new adventures!


A classic inflatable toy Donate the donut is much appreciated by guests of all ages wishing for a more relaxing and tranquil exploration of the seas. Always a hit during all luxury charters, this toy allows for a moment of “dolce farniente” while soaking up the midday rays floating on a donut and feeling the gentle warm splashes caressing your feet. Staying afloat is pure pleasure as you embrace the moment and admire rich marine life or powdery white beaches stretching before your eyes. Nothing could be more relaxing than this instant of sweet laziness in the sun. On the other hand lazy donuts can always be easily transformed into exciting and hang-on-for-dear-life toy by attaching it to jet skis or a dinghy!

Scuba Diving Gear

Usually requiring prior training, diving is a fascinating way to spend an exhilarating morning or afternoon discovering the rich submarine life of the salty oceans. The calming waters of the Caribbean lure all diving enthusiasts wishing to explore beneath the surface of the crisp waters. Always an enjoyable experience, once you hop in the water you will be in awe of vibrant tropical fish swimming tranquilly through impressive colorful coral reefs. Stimulating the five senses, scuba diving is an unparalleled adventure that will leave you inspired long after you emerge from the water.

Fishing Gear

For guests opting for a more appeasing pastime, fishing will be the perfect way to commence your day in paradise. Offering moments of pondering while waiting for your catch of the day, thanks to full fishing gear your luxury charter vacation will be more soothing than ever. And if you wish to taste your catch, the crew aboard your luxury charter yacht will be delighted to prepare it for lunch or dinner.


Your luxury charter vacation will be incomplete without a wakeboarding session on the open, transparent seas. Combining the best of surfing, snowboarding and waterskiing, this sizzling water toy provides passengers with unforgettable moments above the water surface. Try your skills at floating above the warm seas as you are towed behind a speeding scooter and experience all the enticement that goes with it. The level of difficulty is solely up to you as you choose the speed of the towing watercraft and the types of tricks that you wish to perfect. With no prior experience required, this amazing and already classic water toy is an absolute must for all water sports enthusiasts wishing to spend an adventurous holiday on the water.

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