Welcome to Paradise! Sunreef Yachts Charter Presents You with the Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Your choice of luxury charter destination might just be one of the toughest decisions you will have to make, especially if you wish to explore the Caribbean region. Known for years as ultimate charter grounds, the Caribbean Islands are a spectacular venue to discover and what makes them even more special is that with this many islands, islets and cays, each visit in the region leaves new remarkable imprints on guests.

We cannot imagine a perfect charter vacation without tremendous beach getaways in this land where sparkling azure sea, white powdery sands, luscious towering palm trees and plenty of sunshine are intrinsic to everyday life. Be inspired by our choice of the best beaches in the Caribbean to explore aboard a luxury power catamaran, luxury charter mega yacht, luxury charter power yacht or luxury charter sailing yacht.

Ready? Let the adventure begin!

Little Bay Beach, Anguilla

This leeward island is home to some of the region’s and even the world’s best beaches. Named so after its eel-like shape, Anguilla is a quaint island offering the ultimate beach-resort experience to luxury charter guests.

Little Bay Beach on Anguilla is a remote location reachable either by luxury charter yacht or by land- if you are willing to climb down a fishnet ladder carefully set up off the steep cliff. The reward is indeed worth all the effort, you will access 80 yards of powdery smooth sands surmounted on three sides by tall bluffs.

Green Island, Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda has rightfully been named “land of 365 beaches”, meaning there is one beach to explore for each day of the year. There is not even the slightest chance for you to be bored here!

A tiny uninhabited stretch of sand off Antigua’s east coast, Green Island is an option for all charter guests searching pristine and secluded coasts. Settled solely by small green iguanas shyly roaming the minuscule island, it gives you a fabulous opportunity of swimming with vibrant sea life, hiking through verdant shrubs as well as tropical trees to reach towering coral bluffs, and of course basking in warm sunrays on perfectly powdery grounds lined with coconut trees. Life has never been better than in this true Caribbean utopia!

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Stretching over miles and miles in the end, Eagle Beach, one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, is a promise of immaculate shores, calm waters and perfect weather conditions. Powdery sands on Eagle Beach are ideal for lounging around and catching some sun while a gentle sheet of water is equally fabulous for swimming as it is for snorkeling to explore rich marine life.

All beaches on Aruba are public, however this one rests the most serene out of all of them so take your tender or dinghy ashore and discover immaculate grounds of this tropical paradise where everyday troubles are but a distant memory…

Pink Sand Beach, Barbuda

With this many beaches to visit just in one island country, guests can expect to find breathtaking surprises, such as Pink Sand Beach. This eight-mile long deserted stretch of land on Barbuda is the island’s absolute must-visit. Sink your feet in velvety pink sand and feel it softly tingling your body. The unique pink hue is a result of smooth blond sands gently mingled with crushed coral.

Pink Sand Beach looks just as magnificent from the water and you will have a marvelous opportunity of viewing it from aboard your luxury charter yacht. Take out the water toys available onboard- snorkel, swim, dive or fish to take full advantage of what the imposing sea is hiding from you.

Great Bay Beach, Saint Martin

The island of Saint Martin belongs to France and the Netherlands all at the same time. Both the northern and southern parts of The Friendly Island boast spectacular beaches not to miss during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

Phillipsburg, the Dutch side’s biggest town, is home to Great Bay Beach, a stretch of luscious powdery sands seamlessly merging into glistening aquamarine waters of the basin. Not at all a remote location, this cosmopolitan beach exudes plenty of Caribbean flare to soak in during your stay on this thriving island.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin

Adrenaline-seeking charter guests should undeniably stop by Maho Beach on Sint Maarten. What makes this white sandy location a world-famous one is its proximity to the island’s Princess Juliana International Airport. Because arriving aircrafts are obliged to touch down as close as possible to the beginning of Runway 10- only a little over 7 feet long- they must fly over the beach at the lowest possible altitude upon final approach.

Airplane watchers from all around the world visit Saint Martin to admire jets from up close. Join them and experience the thrill of blood rushing in your veins as aircrafts literally fly over your head. You are also welcome to join locals and visitors at the Sunset Bar and Grill, the number one beach bar on the island. Savor a traditional island dinner coupled with a signature cocktail and dance the night away to Caribbean rhythms.

Grand Anse, Grenada

Grenada is home to forty or so beaches that you will have the unique chance of exploring. Grand Anse Beach, one of the most well known on the island, is a wide stretch of immaculate crystal white sands glistening in the sun. Grand Anse is a sheltered bay that has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike who appreciate not only its convenient location next to several luxury resorts but also favorable weather conditions. Grand Anse is quaintly nestled in the leeward side of the island and is therefore sheltered from winds and strong currents, making is a perfect choice for swimmers, snorkelers and divers alike.

La Sagesse, Grenada

La Sagesse is among some of Grenada’s most remote and family-friendly beaches. This perfect stretch of sand winds along a bluff carpeted with lush verdant coconut palm trees. This crude landscape, coupled with sparkling azure waters call for a serene afternoon of beachcombing, swimming and snorkeling before visiting a quaint waterfront restaurant for a typical island lunch.

Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia

Welcome to St. Lucia, a volcanic island dominated by lush tropical rainforests and towering peaks, the two most notable being Gros Piton and Petit Piton on the southwestern coast. South of Sourfrière lies Jalousie Beach, a dreamy location for soaking up the sun backdropped against both of the volcanic peaks. Like all Caribbean beaches, this one is no exception and is ideal for all snorkelers and scuba divers alike while sun worshippers can bask around in warm rays and admire craggy landscape of imposing verdant bluffs, exotic vegetation and glittering water in changing hues of emerald and sky blue.

Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia

Just outside of Port Elizabeth, a town located on the island’s western coast, is Princess Margaret Beach, named in honor of Princess Margaret who owned a home on nearby Mustique and was a frequent visitor to Bequia. The beach is indeed royal with gold sands stretching as far as the eyes can see, deep waters in changing tones of aquamarine, lush exotic flora and luxury charter power catamarans and sailing catamarans comfortably docked in the distance.

Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales island, Turks and Caicos

Lucky are those who get the chance to visit Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, a pure incarnation of tropical bliss that you are likely to picture in your mind when imagining that one perfect Caribbean beach to escape to. Wide powdery champagne sands stretching over 5 miles are lined with branchy verdant coconut palm trees caressed by gentle sea breezes and transparent azure waters glistening in the sun- home to spreading coral reefs and vibrant marine life. That’s correct, you are in paradise!

Smith’s Cove, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the largest out of the three Cayman Islands, where the capital city of George’s Town in located but this is not all of what the island has to offer. You can ask your Captain to sail to one of the popular beaches or you may want to choose to visit the local’s favorite hangout spot, Smith’s Cove. This remote haven is where tall sea-grape trees whose capes and impressive trunks shelter the quaint nestled cove from a nearby road. Rigid rocks protect the emerald waters and promise an unbelievable landscape that varies depending on the time of day you choose to visit- be it sunrise, noon or sunset.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Yet another fabulous beach featuring glistening champagne sands blended with crushed corals making up for a soft pink hue. This unique color of sand is a beautiful contrast to vibrant azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. The beach is an irreproachable choice for swimmers, snorkelers, divers and beachcombers. There is no better beach than this one on Harbour Island to go horseback riding along a luxuriant and warm shore.

Sandy Spit, BVI

Sandy Spit is a heart-shaped uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. Although it is the most frequently photographed island of the archipelago, Sandy Spit is also the least frequented one and sits just a mile away from Jost Van Dyke. Sail over to the tiny Sandy Spit for an afternoon of sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming- an afternoon of sheer relaxation. Your Captain will anchor off the beach and to reach ashore, you will have to hop in your tender or dinghy.

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Often recognized as Tobago’s most beautiful beach, Pigeon Point is also home to the island’s iconic symbol, a thatch-roofed jetty. Although internationally renowned, Pigeon Point still rests a rather undiscovered location and there are few in the region that can rival it. A picturesque crystal sandy coastline is rimmed with an array of lusciously green coconut palm trees, powdery azure skies and waters in mingling hues of aquamarine and turquoise.

Now that you know where to spend your luxury winter charter with Sunreef Yachts Charter, your next big step will be the choice of your ideal yacht. Opt for a luxury charter mega yacht, luxury sailing catamaran, charter powerboat or luxury sailing yacht for an unparalleled vacation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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