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If you're ready for the vacation of a lifetime with an adventure around every corner, you’ll find it on a yacht charter to Northern Europe. Whether you prefer an idyllic sailing holiday aboard a classic sloop or catamaran or a captivating getaway aboard a mega yacht or power boat, the Scandinavian, Baltic and United Kingdom regions that comprise this picture-perfect locale fit all of the requirements for an enriching experience unlike any other. A refreshingly unique yacht charter destination with historic sights, beautiful countryside settings, rich and diverse cultures, and an extraordinary coastline, Northern Europe is sure to enchant you with her splendor.

The prime time to visit Northern Europe and explore some of the most fascinating cruising grounds in the world is during the summer months of May through September. Travel to the majestic fjords of Norway, world-famous landmarks in Russia, or mist covered hills of Scotland, the options are limitless. Wherever you choose, Sunreef Yachts Charter will help find you a yacht suited to your specific needs and assist you with a personalized charter itinerary to best discover all of the offerings of this exceptional yachting destination.


A yacht charter along the breathtaking Scandinavian coastline is a marvelous experience affording visitors spectacular sights that are beautiful to behold. With picturesque ports and glistening landscapes of towering fjords, snowcapped mountains, spouting geysers, and wondrous waterfalls, the region is a delight to explore. Unique during the summer months of May to the end of July is the phenomenon known as the midnight sun which provides more than 20 hours of sunlight a day, all the better for ensuring that charter guests don’t miss any of the astounding natural beauty that surrounds them.

Cruising the coastal regions of Scandinavia there are many intriguing ports of call in which to anchor your charter yacht. With splendid beaches, majestic mountains, pine and spruce forests, and lush countryside, Sweden is truly stunning. The majestic Norwegian fjords are known the world over for their enchanting beauty and nature lovers will want to soak in every moment during their explorations of Iceland and her diverse landscapes of lava plains and glaciers. Alive with culture, a visit to Denmark offers glorious historical sights, art galleries and museums or for a more serene setting, travel to the “land of a thousand lakes” in Finland which boasts of thousands of tiny remote islands.

The Baltics and Russia

For an extraordinary excursion in Northern Europe a yacht charter in the relatively undiscovered Baltics or unforgettable Russia offer unspoiled panoramas, atmospheric cities, and old-world charm. The diverse Baltic region composed of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is home to charming seaside towns, spellbinding pastoral countryside, wild dense forests and grand medieval castles. Must see stops include Riga and Tallinn, the coastal capital cities of Latvia and Estonia and their quant town centers that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and feature lovely cobblestone streets and magnificent architecture that date back to the 13th century.

Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression is a visit to Russia and the majestic imperial city of St. Petersburg. Steeped in rich history there are plentiful opportunities for sightseeing, explore opulent palaces, ornate cathedrals, world-class museums, and grand gardens. From the Peterhof Palace to the Peter and Paul Fortress, to the celebrated Hermitage, each site is more awe-inspiring than the other.

The United Kingdom

The stately beauty, remarkable landscapes and enchanting towns found in the United Kingdom are simply fascinating. Comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this outstanding yacht charter destination boasts of a magnificent rocky coastline that stretches for miles upon miles. Lending to its appeal is an attractive mixture of culture, arts, historic sites, national landmarks, and natural splendors, along with exquisite cruising grounds and pretty coastal scenery.

Journey to England’s southern coast and the charming port villages of Southampton and then over to the fashionable London metropolis for world-class shopping and entertainment or perhaps venture to Europe’s most remarkable prehistoric monument, the mysterious Stonehenge. Adventurous souls will want to explore the Scottish Highlands with rolling hills, verdant valleys, stately castles and the fabled mist covered lochs. Also intriguing are the beautiful seaside villages, quaint fishing ports, and elegant Georgian architecture found in Ireland. Without a doubt, there is no shortage of amazing sights in the United Kingdom.
The unique charter destination of Northern Europe is immensely beautiful and intriguing. Tour the magnificent regions of Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia, and the United Kingdom with Sunreef Yachts Charter aboard a luxury charter mega yacht, a charter catamaran, a luxury charter powerboat or a charter sailing yacht for a memorable experience beyond compare.