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The Balearics

The Balearic Islands are one of the most popular and varied sailing destinations of the West Mediterranean. The great charm of the islands is caused by their extreme diversity. Minorca and Cabrera, the smallest of the islands, rest unique and pristine, while Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera are greatly popular holiday destinations. You will be able to discover all of them aboard your luxury charter yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Visit Majorca or Ibiza if you wish to spend a thrilling holiday or the minor islands if you long for a tranquil one. Your captain will gladly sail your luxury yacht to one of the remote crooks of the Balearic Islands.

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Bella Italia

The Boot, surrounded the perfectly azure waters of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, is an irreproachable destination for chartering a luxury mega yacht, luxury catamaran or sailing yacht. This fascinating land is marked by plush landscapes, a cultural diversity and a rich history. The list of places to visit during your luxury charter vacation is infinite. Explore the natural beauty of Positano, the plush Amalfi Coast, verdant bluffs of Cinque Terre, romantic passages of Venice and glamorous beaches of Sardinia. Wherever it is you choose to spend your luxury charter vacation in Italy, be sure to live the dolce vita with lifelong memories.

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Splendid Greece

Situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, Greece is a world-reputed luxury charter destination, a true bliss for everyone who appreciates the remarkableness of natural sites and historic richness. So why not charter a luxury mega yacht with Sunreef Yachts Charter and visit the Palace of Cnossos in Crete or vibrant taverns on the island of Corfu. The Greek peninsula as well as the islands offer a large choice of activities for everyone to enjoy! Explore the unique cultural richness and the exquisite Greek cuisine for a true enchantment of the senses.

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Charter in Croatia

Croatia’s cultural and natural heritage make it one of the most popular charter destination at the moment. A rapid expansion of infrastructure along with magnificent landscapes are only some of the reasons why this Dalmatian country became an irresistible luxury crewed charter destination. The country boasts azure blue waters, a mild Mediterranean climate and more than 1 185 islands, islets and reefs to discover. Chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia will not only allow sailing from one city to the next but also from island to island.

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Tempted by Naples and Sicily?

Naples is a thriving metropolis known world-wide for its rich history, art, architecture, culture and, of course, cuisine. Nestled between two volcanic regions, landscapes surrounding Naples leave everyone in awe. After visiting the city, get ready to explore the coast aboard your luxury charter catamaran. Inexperienced sailors have nothing to be afraid of, your devoted captain and remarkable charter crew will take care of everything.

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Corsica, Sardinia and the French Riviera…

Sit back and relax during your luxury charter cruise in Sardinia, Italy’s most glamorous holiday destination. The island is nothing less than startling with a unique culture and Sardinian language. Its magnificent coastline will instantly enchant your luxury charter yacht through crystal-clear blue waters and brilliantly sandy beaches. This plush island is a millionaires’, models’ and other celebrities’ hotspot in the summer. You can be part of this glamorous lifestyle during your luxury charter vacation. Plenty of excitement awaits you starting with premium shopping only to top the day off with a glass of champagne in Billionaires Club, the island’s most chic nightclub. It is located in Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, yet another reason to visit it. Visit Sardinia’s quaint villages, a great contrast to the island’s bustling hubs. Neptune’s Grotto in Capo Caccia is undeniably a premium tourist attraction. Before going back aboard your luxury charter mega yacht, do not miss out on wonderful local cheeses such as pecorino or smoked ricotta and excellent local wines.

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And perhaps you decided to visit Turkey?

Turkey is a unique land where Europe meets Asia and old meets new, an impeccable sailing destination. Chartering a luxury yacht or luxury catamaran in Turkey will be the experience of a lifetime. Itinerary possibilities are endless, moor your luxury yacht in one of the many ports and discover local markets, authentic restaurants and tourist attractions. And why not visit both Greece and Turkey during your luxury charter vacation?

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