Новая Зеландия

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Be held in endless awe of the majestic and mystical charm of a New Zealand yacht charter. Geographically diverse, New Zealand offers the adventurous something to behold, especially from aboard a luxury yacht.

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Although the most popular charter months in this part of the globe are September through April, you will certainly not regret a winter charter in New Zealand. The gentle and heavenly ambiance will give you a warm welcome in this magnificent austral land. During the winter months water becomes a smooth and glossy mirror while the light and constant breeze is simply appeasing, however light storms and rain can also occur. If you are well equipped and dressed for the weather, a winter charter can be just as exciting as or even more magnificent than a summer charter. The evolution of luxury yacht charters in New Zealand constitutes a key role in the country’s development.
In the north of North Island, the Bay of Islands has miles of coastline, splattered with offshore cays and beaches that make you want to make this home. Cape Colville lies at the point of the Coromandel Peninsula. The Great Barrier Island lies 20 km across the Colville Channel. The tiny Channel Island lies between the two. To the southwest is the Hauraki Gulf, where you can sail your rental boat to islands such as Waiheke or Kawau Island before sailing on to the city of Auckland.
Venture on to the South Island's protected waterways and spectacular greenery. The fjord of Milford Sound has even been named by some as the eighth Wonder of the World. Also worth noting is that New Zealand has world-class cuisine and wine. The experienced sailors of your crewed charter may be able to give you good suggestions for what to spice your trip up with.
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